Monday, February 11, 2008

Notes to Self #1

1. I don't understand people who bully other people. Even though there were definitely groups in the schools where I went to in Bandung, there were never any bullies there. I've heard that bullies are the products of their parents' upbringing as well, but still I just don't understand people who bully other people in front of everybody to make themselves feel better, bigger, bolder, braver, etc.

Yes, I've seen plenty of bullies in Hollywood movies, but it still doesn't penetrate the grey cells in my brain. Or maybe it's because I live in a country where it's better to talk about somebody behind his/her back instead of face-to-face or in public places. After all, most people who are brought up in Indonesia aren't taught to speak up in the classroom. False humility is one of the things that is cultivated in Indonesia. At least that's what I think.

2. In pursuit of becoming wiser, faster, better, more knowledgeable, more skillful, I find that it has to be balanced with the ability to accept oneself despite oneself, despite the fact that you're NOT THERE YET. Otherwise you'll never feel that you're enough.

I know it's GOOD that humans have the drive to be wiser, faster, better, more knowledgeable, more skillful, but then again, if they can't accept themselves, what good would all those knowledge and skills be?

Over and over again learning balance has proven to be one of the most difficult, yet essential things on earth.

3. I think one of the toughest things about being parents is the feeling that you're not good enough. A friend of mine recently experienced such feelings since she read a book and she couldn't do what the book said. I think it's tough to know the best way to take care of your babies when they're still too young to speak, especially if it's your first baby and you don't have much help. When you lack too much sleep, it's SO easy to think negatively and to be stressful.

4. I was SO curious about seeing actual labour that I decided to look up some videos at youtube and I found that all of them were...BEAUTIFUL!!! ;-D Hubby shuddered when I told him about this, though HUA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA...Ahem!!!

5. Before I moved to Finland, I had read other expats' experiences in Finland Forum. Half of them complained about the weather and the long dark period. I had prepared myself for the worst when I moved to Finland, especially about the long dark period. However, I find that it's not that bad. It's actually enjoyable for a sleepyhead like me, since when it's dark outside, I don't have to close the curtain or blinds in order to take a nap. Besides, since there's plenty of snow for months, it doesn't really get THAT dark here in Finland. ;-D

Life has been WONDERFUL to me................


  1. Glad that you enjoy your live, Amel. Having a child maybe change our life style but it is really worth. Like us, Jason is our treasure ^__^

  2. Jul: Yeah, I know he he he he...especially since Jason's SO CUTE HE HE HE...;-D

  3. You're so sweet Amel. You are also braver than me watching videos of births on YouTube. Ooooooh, I feel a bit weak at the idea ;-)

  4. Fish: THANKS for your compliment. :-))) Braver? I thought I'd cringe at those videos, but magically, I didn't. I even wanted to cry with one of the women who cried when the baby was given to her HE HE HE HE HE...SO touching, SO amazing!!! ;-D

  5. Acceptance is really the key. ;)

    I have another award for you


  6. I watched also a video of births, but at that moment i was already pregnant hehe...... :)

  7. Hi Amel

    So the birth video didn't put you off?! It sounds as if you'd make a brilliant mum.

    Bye for now.

  8. Hello Sleepy Head...

    What were points 3 and 5 ?

  9. You're one positive girl!

    I agree, being first time parents can be overwhelming but everyone learns along the way. By the time the second child comes around, you'll be a pro!

  10. Liza: Another award? OHHHH dear you're SPOILING me he he he...THANKS A LOT! ;-D

    Jeanne: You did, too? COOL HE HE HE...

    The World According to Me: HA HA HA HA...I don't know about that. I sure hope my maternal instinct will kick in right away later on when the time comes.

    Mrs Arctic Rainbow: BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA...THANKS for reminding me!!! I guess I was really distracted hi hi hi hi...

    Blur Ting: THANKS for the encouragement he he he...;-D

  11. I don't know, but I've been dreaming about giving birth for twice already. I've been thinking a lot about having kids. Maybe it's time (??)... hi hi hi... ;D

  12. don't understand bullies eh? that makes feel like ... bullying somebody!!


  13. Hi Amel
    Yeah,we are famous for gossipping behind peoples backs too!

  14. Amel, many toughest things about being parents.. hihihi... yes, it is tough when they are too young and can't speak..but when they are so baby, they just sleep.. it's easier. after 6-8 months...they start to roll and we can't let them alone without a guard! cliff fell down once cuma karena my hubby take something and look to other direction!

    the toughest things for me is to raise teenager.. :-)

  15. Choc Mint Girl: Max would say that your body is ready to produce babies HA HA HA HA HA...;-D

    Jay Cam: LOL!!! I'll stop you before you do it HI HI HI HI...

    Frasy: AHHHHH...Indian people are also the same? Interesting!!!!! ;-D

    Trinity: Yeah, I know there are many tough things about being parents he he he he...;-D

    Cliff fell down once? Ahhhh...yeah, I understand what you mean. Hard, hard, hard he he he...

    Teenagers are definitely a challenge HE HE HE HE...