Friday, February 01, 2008


My Brit friend MC has graciously shared these pictures with me to put in my blog. His hubby and kids and friend went to Luosto last Sunday when the temperature was -20'C to do some skiing. I never went to Luosto, so I don't know how it looks like over there. I think it's not too far away from here. Maybe around an hour away from here or so. Anyway, enjoy the pics!!!

First pic: A GORGEOUS sky with Dexter running happily in the snow he he he...We're lucky that we can enjoy this type of gorgeous sky at least a dozen times during the year. I LOVE gazing at the different hues of colours in the sky. Breathtaking! ;-D

Second pic: MC said that in this pic, it seemed as though Fluffy were depressed HA HA HA HA HA...SO CUTE!!! Fluffy's a really good dog. :-D

Third pic: Snowy Fluffy. Here she looks happier, not depressed hi hi hi hi...

Next pic: This is again Dexter and MC's youngest son ;-D

Next pic: MC's hubby, son, and Dexterrrrrrr...

Last but not least, a pic of the skyyyyyyyyy...


  1. Beautiful snow pictures...especially the last one...i love it :)

  2. WOWWW!!! I love the pictures, so amazingly breathtaking... wowww... :)

    And, oh I just love seeing those cute puppies. SOOOOO cuteeeeee!!!!!!! I wish I could touch and squeeze them!!! Hi hi hi... ;D

  3. Jeanne: Yeah, the last one is really something, eh? HE HE HE HE...Glad that MC shared the pics with me! ;-D

    Choc Mint Girl: Oh, forgot to mention that Fluffy's a full-grown dog. She's already a few years old he he the only puppy is Dexter he he...

    Seeing the pics made me want to caress them, too HA HA HA...

  4. OMG, it is beautiful. I also like the last one :D

  5. Jul: HE HE HE HE HE...Glad you enjoyed it. ;-D

  6. These pictures are amazing!
    Thanks for sharing them.

  7. You're right - that sky is gorgeous! cute dogs too! :-)

    Tell your friend thank you for sharing such lovely photos.

  8. Fluffy still look like a cute puppy especially in the 3rd pic hi hi hi...

  9. The World According to Me: Glad you liked 'em. ;-D

    Michelle: I'll tell her, esp. since her first name is the same as yours HA HA HA HA...

    Choc Mint Girl: HI HI HI...Maybe 'coz there's no human next to her as comparison. ;-D

  10. MrsArcticRainbow1 February 2008 at 18:47

    You are all very welcome!! Glad that you enjoyed them! The way that the sky refracts when it is really cold is gorgeous. Some times we are really lucky and the sky is like a rainbow..but all over! Hence why I chose my business name of Arctic Rainbow.

  11. Oh and Fluffy is nearly 10 years old. She is actually in the 5th picture with my husband and son, but hidden somewhat as she is so black - but she is in from of them both.

  12. Kathy: Glad you enjoyed them.

    Mrs Arctic Rainbow: HI HI HI...OK, now you're officially Michelle he he he he...

    Oh yeaaaahhhhh...I missed Fluffy in the 5th picture since my monitor's brightness is turned down he he he he he...;-D