Friday, February 22, 2008

Let's Move!

Relocation is something that happens around the globe. People move to a new place due to many reasons. Some people find realtors to help them find a place to stay that suits their needs and wishes. Then they hire a mover company to help them get their things to that new place.

When I still lived with my parents, we only moved once in my entire life (prior to my moving to Finland). I was almost 4 years old then and my brother was 2 years old. After we moved to our new house, my Mom told me that my brother was crying for days on end. He said that he wanted to go back to his old house. He said that the new house wasn't his house. I guess I was coping pretty well with the moving since my Mom never told me any complaints coming out of my mouth.

I love my parents' house, since I had lived there for 24 years of my life. However, my love is here in Finland, so no matter what, I had to pay the price. What's interesting is the fact that I haven't missed that house. I DO miss the people and the food, but this is my home now. I have made my decision and I'm going to make sure I enjoy every single moment of it. :-)))


  1. My parents keep talking about moving from their current house, the home I grew up in. It's too big for them now, but I think I would be a little sad for them to leave it.

  2. Fish: Yeah, I understand what you many memories attached to that house, eh? ;-D But you're right...usually when the parents get older and the kids have moved away, it's tougher on them to take care of a bigger house. Well, hope at least you've got MANY pictures of yourself in the house if they decide to move. ;-D

  3. hey what r u doin' whatz up grilfriend i so sorry that i was not bloging i was so busy my mom was very very sick my b-day was cool i with put pic. of my b-day party on

    kelcey sullivan