Wednesday, February 27, 2008

It Stings!

I've been afflicted by canker sores (sariawan in Indonesian) for a few days. Too bad I didn't bring the Chinese powder for canker sores from Indonesia, so I googled up "canker sores home remedy". I tried the water and salt solution already, but it wasn't really helpful. I'm currently trying the "baking powder paste" (baking powder plus a little water) by applying it on my canker sore. YIKES, it stinnngggzzzzz! However, I sure hope that it's gonna go away soon. I have to avoid spicy food for a while...hmmmm...

Anyway, yesterday I received these funny pictures from my cousin who lives in Jakarta. These pictures prove that "two wrongs don't make a right" HE HE HE HE HE HE...

OK, now I've gotta DO MY HOMEWORK he he he...Take care everybody! ;-D


  1. Are canker sores the ones in the mouth ?An Indian remedy is yogurt

  2. Amel, I have one too, I get them when I am run down, so I feel your pain. It's funny though, we call them mouth ulcers in England. In the US they call them canker sores, but in England canker is an affliction dogs get in their ears :-)

    A nice bit o' Bongela does the trick I find. Fish x

  3. I know which Chinese powder. Is it the watermelon brand?

    I used to suffer from this while growing up. I would have a whole mouthful of ulcers. I see it as a way of keeping my weight under control cos it was a torture to eat!

    I heard using salt, butter etc don't really help. I usually just let it heal by itself. Thank goodness I don't get them very much these days.

  4. Oh, that mis-spelling! Ah, it happens everywhere. Someone send me a sign in our supermarket, instead of spelling 'cabbage dumplings', they wrote 'garbage dumplings'!

  5. Frasy: Yeah, that's true. Mouth ulcer is another word for it. THANKS for the tips! I bought some yogurt today he he he...;-D

    Fish: LOL LOL!!! My Brit friend MC and his husband were confused about the term "canker sores" HI HI HI HI...Now I know why ha ha ha...

    MC brought some Bongela for me today, but today I also bought some medicine at the pharmacy. ;-D

    Blur Ting: YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!! I LOVE that watermelon brand powder!!!! It's really quick acting and VERY cheap in Indo HA HA HA HA...

    The baking powder thingie helped a bit, but it stung like hell ha ha ha...I sure hope I won't get any of this anymore he he...

    And yeah...misspelling is funny, isn't it? ;-D

    Garbage dumplings?!?!?!?! LOL LOL LOL!!!!