Tuesday, January 01, 2008

BuyBlogReviews: A New Get Paid to Blog Site

Have you heard of BuyBlogReviews? It's a new get paid blogging site that offers the highest percentage of profit compared to other sites: 70%!!! None of the other competitors pays bloggers that much! Blog Advertising has never sounded any better in my ears! Another positive thing about this site is the fact that they pay bloggers twice a month via Paypal.

As usual, all you need to do is sign up your blog and wait for them to approve it. As long as it's got a page rank already, it's family-friendly, and it's updated regularly, go ahead and try it! I had mine approved very quickly. *grin* And I got this first assignment very quickly, as well.

After your blog is approved, you can either bid on opportunities by logging in to the site or wait for advertisers to contact you directly.
Best of all, if advertisers contact me directly, I can discuss the price with them along with the requirements (how many links to put, the anchor texts, etc.). Isn't that awesome? ;-D

I like the fact that the site is user-friendly and I can't wait to find or get more opportunities from this site. One last note from me: make sure that when you fill in the details of your blog, you make it as interesting as possible, yet still concise and clear-cut. That way you'll get a bigger chance of enticing advertisers to contact you.


  1. Hello!!

    I am Speedcat Hollydale. You can find me on Mel's Resolution meme.
    I added you to my Technorati favorites :-)

    Happy 2008

  2. Another opportunities... :) Thanks, Amel. Will definitely go and check it out. ;D

  3. Speedcat Hollydale: Hey, THANKS A LOT for adding me to your Technorati favorites!!!! I'll add you too he he he...Happy 2008 to you too!!!

    Kasper: Glad you think so he he he...

    Choc Mint Girl: Yep, go ahead and check it out, Girl! ;-D

  4. congratulation, Amel :D money...come..money..come hehehe