Friday, January 04, 2008

3BT: January 3, 2008

1. Having an even-tempered hubby. He's never been angry as far as I've known him and as long as I've lived with him. He can get annoyed or frustrated, esp. when dealing with computers, but I'm glad he has such a gentle spirit!!!! He doesn't even get angry when I do something stupid. ;-D I don't think I've ever cherished this about him yet, so I'm gonna do it today!!!

2. Hubby giving me more kisses than usual before he prepared himself to go to work. It felt as though he didn't want to leave me HE HE HE HE HE HE HE...

3. Finding oranges on sale again, only €1.09 per kilogram! HUE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE...

4. Finding liquid soap on a bargain: 3 bottles for the price of 2. YEEEEESSS!!!!! The offer was only valid for a limited time frame, so even though we didn't need soap yet, I snatched them right away. I LOVE saving money!!!

5. Hubby nibbling my arm when I shoved it gently near his face HI HI HI HI...I LOVE it when he does it!!! ;-D

6. Being able to manage a book exchange deal with one of my blogger friends. YEEEESSSSS!!! Plus I've got already 4 home addresses of some blogger friends. It feels GREAT to be trusted! ;-D

7. Finding frozen crab meat on sale. I grabbed the box right away since I've been craving for some craaaabbbbbbb!!!!!

P.S. I'm gonna be busy baking potato cutlets now for the birthday party, but if I have time later on before the party starts, I'm going to blog-hop. If not, then I'll do it on Sunday since tomorrow morning we'll definitely go to my in-laws again.


  1. yum crab! and do you live far away from your in-laws?

  2. JYankee: Yeah, I LOVE crab he he he...We live about 25 min. away by car from my in-laws. ;-D Not that far, but not that close either (no traffic, so it means it's really 25 min. driving non-stop).

  3. Belated Happy New Year.
    I love the way you find joy - hope you never lose this gift. You are truly blessed to have it!

  4. Oh yeah, that's brilliant to grab that liquid soap he he he... Better have some stock as well as savings those precious $$$. ;D

    Go bake, Amel, and hope they'll love it and the shawl!!! And, of course, hope you'll have a fun time. :)

  5. Random Magus: Hi, Amber, BELATED HAPPY New Year to you too!!! ;-D

    I also hope I can continue finding joy this way. I'm certainly determined on doing it all through the days of my life he he he...Yes, I'm blessed indeed, THANKS! ;-D

    Choc Mint Girl: Yep...I love having stock on anything bought on sale HA HA HA HA HA HA...

    Yeah, I hope the guests'll like the potato cutlets and the b-day girl will like the shawl. I've just finished baking the last batch of it - it took me A LONG TIME ha ha ha...I started at 11 am already! I'm really a SLOW cook HA HA HA HA HA HA...

  6. Enjoy your weekend, Amel :D I really glad to meet you in here he he he... So far from our own country and we meet via internet hua ha ha ha.. Hope our friendship will be forever and ever. Maybe we can visit you someday in Finland hehehehe..

    But first saving $$$$ ^_^;;

  7. Jul: THANKS!!! The feeling's mutual, Jul! Isn't it funny? If we had stayed in Indo, we probably never would have met since you lived in Jkt, whereas I lived in Bandung he he he he...

    Hey, it'd be GREAT if you can visit me somedayyyy!!! ;-D And yes, let's carry on our friendshipppp he he he...

  8. Hi!!

    That of the book deal sounds really nice! :)

    Crab? I like seafood a lot. In fact, shrimp is my favorite food but I also love crab :)

    Have a lovely weekend! Enjoy the birthday party :)

  9. Potato cutlets sound so yummy to me right now!

  10. Hi Amel,
    I love potato cutlets !I add fish or ground beef somethimes

  11. PS:I trust you since you are my facebook friend !!!

  12. Kathy: Wish I could share with you he he he...

    Frasy: I usually add mince meat. ;-D And THANKS for your trust!!! ;-D

  13. What a sweet guy, getting more kisses in the morning. I'm such a sap, but that's one of my favorite times of day!

    Way to go on the crab meat. I just had crab cakes last night!

  14. Dolce: Yeah, he can be SO sweet sometimes he he he...My fave time of the day is the evening, though. I'm a creature of the night. *showing fangs* JUST KIDDING HE HE HE HE...

    Crab cakes? Never heard of that before!!! I haven't baked the crab, though...saving it for laterrrr he he he he...

  15. You did 7bt, not 3bt.. hahaha.. and no. 5 is so silly.. hahahahaahha...

  16. Trinity: You haven't tried it? You should. It feels SO GOOD, you know? HE HE HE HE HE...