Tuesday, January 08, 2008

ARRGGHHH!!! I'm only 29!!!!!!!!

You Act Like You Are 31 Years Old

You are a thirtysomething at heart. You've had a taste of success and true love, but you want more!

You're responsible, wise, and have enough experience to understand a lot of the world.

You're at the point in your life where you understand yourself pretty well.

You are figuring out what you want... and how to get it!

Btw, if you have time and you like my blog, will you vote for me here? Take a look at the right sidebar, way below Best Blog Awardee and then tick the box next to my name. THANKS SO MUCHHHHHH for your help!!!!


  1. Kasper: THANKS A LOT, Dawn!!! ;-D

  2. You're 1 year older than me... but the quiz said that i act as 6 years younger than my age... i'm so childish then.... :) You got my vote...^_*

  3. You're 1 year older than me... but the quiz said that i act as 6 years younger than my age... i'm so childish then.... :) You got my vote...^_*

  4. Jeanne: No, you're childlike, not childish HE HE HE HE HE...Childlike is GOOD for you...keeps you forever young inside he he he...

    Hey, THANKS A LOT for your voteeeee! ;-D

  5. I ended up being 24 I really like that:) HE!!HE!! you have my vote!!

  6. Oh my Amel!

    I could not resist taking the quiz. And guess that .. I am .... 15yrs old!! Crazy!!!

  7. I voted and you are doing really really good. I hope you win:)

  8. Gosh..im 10 years older..but i bet this meme would say i have a mental age of 6!

  9. It only shows that you're a young lady but mentally matured. It's a good thing!

  10. You got my vote, mel. Hope you win :P

  11. Okay, let's make a campaign for Amel!!! :D

    I got the same description, but I act like 35 years old. ;D

  12. I got that I act like I'm 24 (I'm 30) so feel good! I think it's becasue I like watching Degrassi :)

  13. Stacy: ARRRGGHHH!!! UNFAIR he he he...THANKS for the vote, though! ;-D

    WaterLearner: You're 15?!?!?!?! ARRRGGGHHHH!!!! I shall hide my shame HI HI HI HI...

    Shinade: THANKS for the vote, Jackie! ;-D

    JYankee: You're even younger than Karen?!?!?!?! Oh dear goodness...I feel ANCIENT now he he he...

    Blur Ting: HE HE HE...THANKS for your compliment. :-))))

    Juliana: THANKS for the vottteee! ;-D

    Choc Mint Girl: HA HA HA HA HA...THANKS!!! You've got the same description? FINALLY!!! There's my buddy HE HE HE HE HE...

    Victorya: AWWWW...even you're younger than me?!?!?!? GRRRRR...Degrassi? What's that? I should check that out he he he...

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  15. The Pinoy Blogger: WOW!!!! THANKS for adding me. I'll add you soon then.

  16. You got my vote Amel :-) I'm 36, but apparently I act 27!! Time to up the maturity factor :-)

  17. Fish: THANKS for the vote!!! Well, stay forever young inside no matter what. :-))))