Monday, January 07, 2008

Birth Control

The other week I wrote an email to my brother, asking him if he wanted me to send him some Finnish condoms, since I thought maybe he'd be interested in trying some. He didn't reply, but this morning he sent me an SMS, asking me to send some.

One of my closest friends, who's currently living in Germany, is going home next March, so I'm going to send her some stuff I've compiled for my family (I'm also going to burn them some picture and video clip CDs) plus the condoms. I don't trust Indonesian postal service, so it's MUCH better for me to ask my friend to bring it to Indo. BLESS HER!!! I don't know what to do without friends like her he he he he...

Plus she's going to bring some stuff from Indo and send them to me. Mom's going to buy me some warm balm and instant mixes (spices) so that I can recreate the kinds of food I usually eat in Indo he he he...

My brother jokingly said that he may try to sell some of the condoms in Indo HA HA HA HA HA HA HA...I remember a friend of mine who got married years back telling me that Indonesian condoms weren't good. She went to Singapore once and bought some condoms there and said that they were different. Gee...I don't know about that since I've never tried any Indonesian condoms.

Another friend of mine is allergic to Indonesian condoms, so they have stopped using it as a form of birth control. I myself have told Arttu that after we've had enough children, I'd love him to undergo vasectomy and he's agreed to do it. After all, I think it's the perfect form of birth control after we decide that we won't have enough kids. That way we don't need to use any condoms or I don't have to take any birth control pills or use any type of birth control that messes up my hormones he he he he he...

I think I'm gonna order some ribbed condoms for my brother...let's see if he and his wife like them or not HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE...

P.S. One of my friends whose parents are both doctors told me that her parents used to give simple lectures on birth control in villages and the villagers would bring along their young kids with them. The government sometimes gives out free condoms through doctors like her parents, and she said that back then (in the 80's) lots of young kids used the condoms as...BALLOONS!!! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA...Yeah, they played with them while their parents were listening to the doctors' lecture hi hi hi hi hi...Ahem...


  1. You're so naughty ;) hehe. I don't trust Philippine postal either. A lot of packages get lost especially during the holiday season.

    Visiting from my other home. Have a great day.

  2. A Simple Life: Hi, Liza! Am I really naughty? *wink* LOL!!!

    Philippine postal service sucks, too? Ahhh...that's too bad. :-((((

    THX for your visit!!!

  3. Finnish condoms? is there any difference from other condoms? wow lol!

  4. Jay: I don't know 'coz I've never tried condoms from different countries, but my friend says that Indo condoms aren't good. That's what she said to me he he he...

  5. well..I am not sure what to comment here..BUT I imagine that the products would differ according to each country...right? You'll have to try them out and tell naughty girl...LOL

  6. Oh, I've attended the pre-marriage course before I got married and some of the birth controls are one of the 'must-not-do' things in the religion for healthy couple.

    In fact, we've been exposed to some methods to control pregnancy that is to know the "mucus cycle". So, I'm trying to master on this method rather than using any of the birth controls he he he...

    Well, I hope you won't misunderstand my comment, Amel. I'm not judging you as you have your own beliefs and ways of planning a family. ;)

  7. JYankee: HE HE HE HE HE...I wonder what's so naughty about this topic? LOL!!! Well, I won't try Indonesian's condoms since they're far away there, but I think my brother'll try them, so I can ask him about that later on HA HA HA HA...

    Choc Mint Girl: You're a Catholic, right? I understand that. Lots of Catholics in my country also don't use any birth control methods like pills and stuff. :-))) I respect that, so don't worry about my misunderstanding your comment.

    And GOOD LUCK in mastering that method!!!! :-))))

    A friend of mine used to use calendar method and condom as a form of birth control, but calendar method only works best with someone who's a VERY regular menstrual cycle...if that woman doesn't have a regular menstrual cycle, then there will be many more "off" days or days when they have to use condoms he he he...

  8. Amel, you are so funny! It surprised me when I started reading this and it was about condoms. But since you are so open, I'll be open. From firsthand experience, I say, Yes, go for that vasectomy when you are finished having children. It's the greatest!
    Also, when I got married, I chose not to take birth control pills -- it was just a personal choice and had nothing to do with my religion or anything like that. I just didn't want an outside substance controlling my body. However, I do think I'll take hormones when I start going through menopause.

  9. Thanks for your understanding, Amel. Like what Kathy said, it's not about religion, but I've made myself clear not to take any birth control pills yet. Who knows, in future?! I'm not that religious, you know, but I also don't want to sound like those hypocrites. ;D

  10. Kathy: Glad I could make you smile he he he he...THANKS for your two cents and encouragement about the vasectomy! ;-D

    I understand what you mean about birth control pills. :-))))

    Choc Mint Girl: Hey, don't worry about it! What you said never changed anything about you he he he...

    I just know that Catholics teach the couples who're going to get married to use other methods of birth control 'coz of some reasons.

    Even if you don't explain it to me, if someday you choose to use birth control pills, I'll NEVER think that you're a hypocrite, Crystal! No need to worry he he he...

  11. In Amsterdam they have a condom shop that sells funny looking condoms - different size, texture, color, shape, taste - some looks really artistic! You should go there one day, hehehe...
    About ribbed condoms, maybe make sure first? If your sis in law is still sensitive, it might not not be enjoyable for her!
    Hmm...there is actually something I'd love to suggest, but maybe I better take this to the email hihihihi....

  12. Fei: Yeah, I bet there are lots of places like that in Amsterdam he he he he...

    Well, I'm not going to buy only the ribbed ones, but the normal ones, they can try the normal ones first he he he...She's doing fine now. :-))))