Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Recover Passwords for Excel, Word, and Access Files

Have you ever forgotten passwords for Office documents? Must be annoying, right? Well, http://www.password-studio.com/ offers a software that can help you recover those passwords, whether you need help with Excel password recovery, Word password recovery, or Access password recovery.

What's so wonderful about this software compared to others?

1. It works FOUR TIMES faster than other software products.
2. Easy to use. They provide an online demo file on the site (I've checked it out and it's really simple.)
3. It can crack open passwords for Word 95 to Word 2007, Excel 97 to Excel 2007, Access 95 to Access 2007.
4. They will give you refund if their product doesn't work well for you.
5. If you buy this product before midnight on Tuesday, January 8th, you'll get to save $50!!! So you only need to pay $16.95!!!

So, if you're really forgetful and you need this software, go ahead and visit the site before the special offer expires!

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