Tuesday, January 08, 2008

My "Worth"

This morning I received something rather intriguing: a form from the Tax Office. My hubby also gets one. In the form it's stated the basic salary, how much taxes we should pay, etc. I was bewildered to get it, since I haven't got a job yet.

Then when hubby got home from work for lunch, I told him about it and he said that it'd be used for when I get a job later on. So if I get a job here, I need to show that form to my employer so that he/she knows how much I should be paid.

Gee...that's interesting!!! So my "worth" has been calculated already by the tax officers even before I get a job?????????

Well, the good thing is that if I get a job later on, I know my "worth" already, so I won't ask for less than that ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...

Anyway, I'm gonna try making risoles soon, and only after that I'm gonna blog-hop...tomorrow I'll be busy 'coz I'll visit my Brit friend, so if tomorrow I'm MIA, don't wonder about it, OK? But I'll be BAAACCKKKK!!!!!! (side note: you have to read it with the same tone of voice as Arnold Schwarzenegger HUA HA HA HA HA HA HA...)


  1. That's a concept I've never come across before, very interesting. Hope the risoles turn out well. Have fun with your Brit friends. Fish x

  2. Very interesting. Does that mean salaries in Finland are not negotiable?

  3. Psstt...how much?! He he he... So, may I know how do they calculate the basic salaries?? It's quite interesting indeed.

    Have fun cooking and hanging out with your Brit friend. ;D

  4. Fish: Yeah, I've never known this, either. The risoles turns out VERY VERY delicious HUE HE HE HE HE HE...It tasted like heaven!!! ;-D I will have fun with my Brit friend he he he...

    Dolce: Hmmm...I don't know that, but I sometimes log in to a forum for expats in Finland and sometimes they ask the regular standar salary for a certain type of job, so I guess you CAN negotiate salaries, but maybe I'm one of the exceptions.

    Choc Mint Girl: HA HA HA HA...It's a secret!!! I don't know how they calculate the basic salary.

    The list just goes something like this:

    Basic salary X
    Taxes Y%

    Salary breakdown:
    - Monthly X
    - Per two weeks X
    - Weekly X
    - Daily X

    Nett salary X

    And then at the other page there's another list which I don't understand yet ha ha ha...but one of them says something about my pension. Everything's written in Finnish, so I haven't had time to check it out in the dictionary he he...

  5. Kasper: Yeah, it's really different he he he...

  6. That's weird...what do they base it on? Age? Education? Work experience?
    Maybe that's the minimal salary you can expect for a job, so when a job gives you less, you know it's not up to your level. Doesn't mean you can't ask for more.
    But Finland also has a complicated system to calculate unemployment benefit too, right? Maybe that piece of paper will be useful to calculate that too if ever that happens, or for tax return? The year when I was unemployed waiting for work permit was actually the year when I got the most income from tax return :P.

  7. Fei: Beats me! I don't even know when I can start working here anyway...plus I don't think I dare look for a job before my Finnish is "decent" enough he he he he...

    I don't get it...how can you get tax return if you don't work? Hmmmm...