Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Risoles and Nature Pics

Before I start telling you about my day in another post, let me post some other pictures first...As promised, here's a pic of my risoles HE HE HE HE HE, DROOL, DROOL, please, since it took me 3 hours to make them HA HA HA HA HA...

I took some pics while walking to my Brit friend's house earlier. It took me about 22 minutes to walk there. I was SO HAPPY when I woke up this morning and finding out that the temperature was only around -3/4'C HUE HE HE HE...SO WARM!!! At least compared to -20/24'C the other days he he he he...I dressed up more warmly than I needed to, the time I got there, I was sweating like a pig he he he...It was good exercise! :-D

Next pic: Sodankylä river. I LOVE the place around the river he he I'm sorry if you're bored looking at it HA HA HA HA...

Next pic: The other side of the river. :-))))

Next pic: I TOTALLY FELL IN LOVE with this spot! How about you? ;-D

Next pic: This is the YELLOW SNOW that I mentioned. If you go to a snowy place, NEVER EVER come close to yellow snow, OK? HE HE HE HE HE HE...People walk their dogs and let them pee on the snow he he he...

Last pic: Just a regular view in Finland, but I still find it BEAUTIFULLY SERENE he he he...


  1. Wow! It just looks so serene and fantastic - I thought that maybe we were in for some weather last night as it lashed it down with such luck...I woke up to gale force winds and rain...You are lucky, Amel!

  2. Agnes: WOW! Gale force winds and rain? Sounds scary!!! Yeah, this place's really serene indeed. :-))))

  3. I love all the picture's but I think Ill stay clear of the yellow snow HE!!HE!!:) the food looks very good send me some LOL!!:)

  4. ops...forgot. I like the risoles hmmmmm....i don't think i have so much time to make those risoles hi hi hi..

  5. I wish I could reach in this computer screen and get one of those risoles! They look so good!

  6. Risoles used to be the favorite order from my customer in Indonesia. But it was long time ago. My husband don't like ragout so I never make risoles here :(

  7. I'm SO hungry right now!!! ;D

    Everything is still so white over there...very peaceful indeed.

  8. Stacy: Yeah, you'd better stay clear of yellow wsnow he he...Wish I could send you some risoles he he...

    Jul: GLAD you enjoyed them! ;-D I know what you mean, takes a VERY long time to make risoles and you have Jason already he it's gonna be hard to make them. Ah're going to Indo soon anyway, so just buy some risoles there, no need to make them yourself HE HE HE HE...

    Kathy: Wish I could share some with you!!!! ;-D

    Nyumix: Ahhhh...then you can make some risoles without ragout filling, then? Just glass noodles (bihun), cheese, carrots, etc.? So you used to sell risoles, eh? Interesting!!! ;-D

    Choc Mint Girl: HE HE HE HE HE...Sorry...wish I could give you some risoles! ;-D

    Yeah, it's still very white here. January and February are the coldest months, not December. It's snowing right now outside he he...

  9. Strange, how come I missed this post? The risoles look delicious! Is it like spring roll? The pictures are nice too. I am going to comment on the pets now.

  10. Blur Ting: Not really. The fillings are different, and the wrappers are also different. When you make spring rolls, you don't roll them on eggs and bread crumbs, but to make risoles, you have to do extra work before deep-frying them.

    However, I personally THINK that making spring rolls wrappers is more difficult than making risoles wrappers. That's why I tried making risoles first he he...