Tuesday, January 01, 2008


How was your New Year's Eve, everybody? Last night we didn't do anything much. Each of us spent time with our own computers and then we watched fireworks from our kitchen window. I wanted to take some pics of them with my slow digital camera, but it was SO hard, so I couldn't get too many good ones. I knew if I had gone outside the balcony, I would have been able to get better pics, but it was too cold last night. It was -17'C (today it's even colder, -19'C).

Even so, lots of people were outside last night, lighting up fireworks and fire crackers. Brrrrrrrrr...they started lighting up fireworks even at 7 pm already, can you believe it? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA...

My Brit friend MC went to Luosto with her hubby to have a date night and they enjoyed firework display there.

Last night hubby wanted to sleep early at first, since he had woken up at 7 am yesterday morning and he hadn't taken any nap, but since the fireworks made lots of noises outside, he decided to get up again and we ended up watching a cartoon together ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...

Anyway, here are some of the pics I took last night. Mind you that my camera's not a photographer's camera, so there were SO MANY failed ones he he he...I had to use my night mode but it meant that my grip on the camera had to be SO steady. Plus I had to press the button at the right time, otherwise I wouldn't catch a thing. Oh well...I just want to share with you what I saw he he he he...hope they're at least clear enough for you.

First pic: I managed to take a pic of the firework before it fully "expanded itself". GRRR!!!!

Second pic: Around midnight a bunch of teenagers lit these kinds of fire crackers on our apt. building's parking lot.

The rest of the pics are the fireworks he he he he...


  1. I think you did a really good job getting pictures of the fireworks. I just now realized that I didn't hear any fireworks in my neighborhood last night. Unusual.
    We spent a quiet night at home, drank non-alcoholic sparkling white grape juice, and I fell asleep on the couch but woke up just in time to see the ball drop in New York (on TV).

  2. Kathy: GLAD you could enjoy the pics!!! You should've seen all the failed ones...SO MANY of them HA HA HA HA HA...

    No fireworks in your neighbourhood? Unusual indeed. Even when I still lived in a small alley in Indo, during midnight I could hear fire crackers from the streets...so noisy!!!

    Sounds like a relaxing New Year's Eve. I LOVE spending a relaxing time at home, too. ;-D

  3. Love the pics.Hope you have a great year

  4. Frasy: GLAD you enjoyed them and yes, THANKS, I have had a WONDERFUL year of ups and downs he he he...but mostly ups! ;-D

  5. The pics looked fine to me. We heard the loud booming of fireworks, but I guess we're much louder than the fireworks ha ha ha...

  6. Wow!! you really had a great new year! love the fireworks a lot!! our neighbors here put so many fireworks as well Mel.. so noisy! LOL

  7. Choc Mint Girl: HUA HA HA HA HA HA...You were MUCH louder than the fireworks? LOL LOL!!!! Glad you enjoyed the pics!!!

    Trinity: Yeah, fireworks are GREAT he he he he...Noisy, eh? I can imagine. Even while I lived in Gg. Ijan Dalam (such a small alley), I could hear all the noise from Jl. Otista...the trumpets, the fireworks...tet tet tet tet tet...he he he he he...

  8. Blur Ting: THANKS! Glad you enjoyed them! ;-D

  9. Girl,

    I am glad you had a quiet New Year's entry!

    Mine was peaceful yet full of music and a dinner-party, on New Year's eve, and a lunch party on New Year's day!
    I danced a bit, but my feet were killing me cause I think I am getting old LOL. I spoke on the phone with a friend of mine after midnight (cause she was home alone..stranded to tell you the truth; she was supposed to come to the party, but she wasn't able tp cross the bridge to come our side, so we spoke to laugh a bit and keep her company)!

    But boy, I was tired that day! We also had fireworks: it was gorgeous!!! My whole neighbourhood decided to participate this year in the scandalous annual yelling LOL, so it was pretty cool: 2008 will be a great year!!!

    And now, here we are ready to start a new year, a new cycle!
    I wish you a great 2008; and may our friendship grow :D!


  10. Max: Ohhhh...dancing, dinner-party, talking to a friend on the phone...sounds SO nice!!! Your friend was stranded??? POOR GIRL!!! I can understand her frustration and sadness!!!

    No wonder you got tireeeddd he he he...Glad you had fireworks, too!!! Fireworks are nice pieces of art, don't you think so? As long as you play it safe he he he he...

    AMEN to that, Gorgeous!!! May our friendship grow and may your marriage be blessed!!!!