Wednesday, June 27, 2007

3BT: June 27, 2007

1. Seeing a squirrel again. This time it was only about 2 meters away from me. SO VERY CUTE!!! I was walking home from the supermarket when I saw the little fellow near my neighbour's house. I stopped walking for a few moments to observe it. It didn't seem to be bothered by me. NICE!!! Why do I keep on writing about this squirrel as a beautiful thing? Where else can I see it except here? ;-D

2. Strawberry cheese-curd. Dear goodness, it tastes AS GOOD AS SIN!!! I'm SERIOUS! My husband and I almost can't stop taking another serving and another serving and another serving of that super-delicious dessert. *long drool*

3. Tasting some bun I bought at the supermarket. Ohhhhh it mellllltteeeddd in my mouth!!! I know, I know I'm bad for I've mostly written about food in this 3BT post. However, I just want to be grateful for everything. It's a blessing to be able to buy other kinds of food (other than staple food)/drinks/snacks you've been craving for without worrying about what to eat tomorrow.


  1. .. that was so not good for my diet :(
    I'm hungry now!!!

  2. Awww...sorry, Amber. Well, usually if I crave for something and finally I give in, I make a pact to exercise the next day, so that doesn't make me feel guilty he he he...:-))))

  3. mmm.. I had toasted fruit/raisin bread for lunch. yummy!

    I love the squirrels too. Are the squirrels there red or grey ones? Scotland has red up North here. They have little tufts on their ears. The grey ones have round ears. I think the red squirrels with their tiny hands and pointy ears look like pixies. :-)

  4. Mmmm...delicious food are...heavenly he he he...

    We have RED squirrels here!!! :-D

  5. oh then I understand. The red ones are incredibly cute. :-))

  6. YES!!!!!!!!!!

    And I've never seen any squirrel from 2 meters away anywhere he he it's SO cool that even though I've been here only 3,5 months, I've seen a squirrel 5-6 times (most of the time I saw it from the window, though).


  7. 1) squirrel, never seen one of those before! lucky you! i've seen kangaroos, koalas, bats, etc , never squirrel

    2)ohhh, cheese curd with strawberry yum!! i gotta go buy some

    3)buns :P

  8. Yep, lucky me indeed! I never thought I could see them this close. :-)))

  9. After killing myself on the treadmill... I end up have pizza.
    Woe me!

  10. He he he...hope you don't feel too guilty, Amber, and GOOD LUCK with your diet! :-)))