Sunday, June 03, 2007


I've been looking for English novels to read since I left almost all my unread novels back in Indo (couldn't fit in my suitcase - besides, books are heavy!). Unfortunately, in this small town of Sodankyl√§, there's only one bookstore and there aren't that many English novels. In the library there aren't too many interesting new novels, either. Even in (Finnish e-bay), I can hardly find people selling English novels. I know I can always order books from Helsinki (there are big bookstores there with plenty of English novels), however a new book costs at least €9. Plus I'll have to pay for the postal fee. Plus there's no guarantee that you'd actually like the book, right?

A lucky break came when I visited Finland Forum the other day. There's a woman trying to sell English novels (there are around 200 books) 'coz she hasn't got enough space to fit them anymore. Thus she's selling them cheaply (around €0.50-€2). So I contacted her right away and asked about the list of the novels.

I've chosen 7 novels and she said she'd give another novel for free if I wanted to (the novel has lost its cover but it's still readable). Hungry for books (I have a dream of creating my own personal library one day), I told her I'd be SO happy to accept that free book. So, in the end I'll get 8 novels at the price of €13.70. YYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!! *jumping up and down in glee*

When it feels as though the universe actually HEARS you, it feels GREAT, doesn't it???? ;-D

P.S. So if anyone reading my blog lives in Finland and he/she's interested in buying cheap used English novels, just visit Finland Forum (you can find the link in my sidebar) and go to "Sale and Wanted" section.


  1. hey, that was lucky!

    Here our "lucky shopping" is the local recycle shop. They sell things really cheap. We got a real wood bookcase with glass doors for £4 (I think about 6 Euro?)

    I love junk shops and second hand places. Most of my books are second hand. I did bring some of my favourite books with me, but I also gave away a lot.

    Hope you enjoy your new books. :-)

  2. Yep!!!

    The books aren't here yet so I'm pretty EXCITED. ;-D

    WOWIE!!! A REAL wood bookcase that cost SO cheap? That must've felt SO good to buy it. After all, women LOVE sale/discount!

    Yeah, as a matter of fact today I'll visit the fleamarket again, hoping to find more summer clothes he he he...;-D

  3. Ah, I believe every booklover is dreaming of having a private big library of his/her own :) it's my dream also :)

  4. Hey, Mina!!!

    Yes, you're RIGHT. However I have a friend who loves reading but she doesn't want to have books. She prefers borrowing he he he...

    Hope we can both achieve this dream someday then he he he...