Monday, June 11, 2007

3BT: June 11, 2007

1. The cheap English novels are here!!! I just went to the PO to get them. YAAAAAAAAAAYYYY!!! 8 thick novels to read HO HO HO...Here are their titles: Shopaholic Ties the Knot (Sophie Kinsella), 2nd Chance (James Patterson), A Place Called Freedom (Ken Follett), In Pursuit of The Proper Sinner (Elizabeth George), Eye of the Needle (Ken Follett), Reasonable Doubt (Philip Friedman), Decked (Carol Higgins Clark), and The Five People You Meet in Heaven (Mitch Albom).

2. The yellow flowers dotting the grass everywhere. It's amazing how quickly the grass, leaves, and flowers grow/bloom these days. LOVELY!

3. A quick and warm service at the pharmacy. I was just browsing for some body balm, but then in just 10 seconds somebody approached me and helped me find it.

----> side note: Now I should STUDY Finnish first before starting to read any of the books. I wonder which one I should start with he he...LOL!!!


  1. I see you read mangas, I love them too! My favorite is Maison Ikkoku... so well written.

  2. Oh yes, people in Indo grow up with mangas, especially nowadays there are MANY MORE. Mangas started showing up in Indonesia when I was around 13 years old, however we had anime videos (VHS) already from Japan even when I was still a little child.

    My fave manga is definitely SLAM DUNK (and some other girly mangas)!!!

    Maison Ikkoku? I've never heard of that one before. The thing is, most Japanese titles are translated into Indonesian or English, so I'm not too familiar with the original titles. I'll try to find what it is later on. :-)))

  3. It's stuff like love and romance and comedy. That's my favorite genres

  4. Slam Dunk is a comedy. I REALLY love it! Have you seen/read them? I think the anime version would be funnier as you can hear the crazy laughter of Hanamichi, the central character. My brother and I ABSOLUTELY love both the anime and the manga!

    So you like love and romance too? I love Candy-Candy, Rose of Versailles, The Duck of Mr. Fredward, and so many others. :-))))

    Pank-Ponk is also funny. It's a story about a HUGE rabbit he he he...