Thursday, June 21, 2007

My Husband

The other night I decided to trick my husband. LOL!!! I ran to bed as fast as I could and then decided that I'd hide beneath the comforter the other way around - so my feet would be near the pillows. I knew he'd be shocked when he lifted the comforter and tried to kiss me goodnight and found my feet instead of my face. Indeed he was. It was SO MUCH FUN!!! :-D YIIIIIPPPPPPPPIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEE!!! I giggled and laughed like crazy and he said, "I'll GET back at youuuuuuhhh!" WA HA HA HA HA HA HA...LOL!!! (side not: Am I a bad girl? Maybe I am ;-D). Oh, but don't expect me to show my childlikeness in front of strangers. Strangely enough, it only appears when I'm with him. Even when I'm with my closest friends, I can't seem to bring out that side of me.

Anyhow, just wanna share something I wrote for my hubby (another older writing of mine that I wrote not long after we got married):

Dear Husband,

My heart's SO full of you and your love right now that even if it were a mute bird, it would sing as beautifully as a nightingale. This distance adds more weight to your value in my life. I feel SO LUCKY to have you in my life. You are a kindred spirit who moves me, touches me in ways nobody ever did or could, shatters my life and rebuilds it even more wonderfully. You have a magical touch that makes me feel that I belong to and with you eternally. You have a magical key to unlock every secret hidden door. You have a magical heart that beats similarly as mine that endears me to you. How can I not love you? You make me love everything that I am by loving me that way. You've bared and stripped me and yet you always clothe me tenderly with your love and understanding so that I won't feel ashamed and insecure. You've let me bare and strip you and clothe you the same way, with a happy smile on your face that I love so much. I love the way we fight together, side by side, bridging the distance and differences between us. You truly are a gift from above, a dream I never dared pray for, yet at last you are in my arms, in my heart, in my soul, for the rest of our lives. I thank God for entrusting you to me and for entrusting us to be together. Let's embrace the present and the future together, My Love, because from now on, we are one!


  1. oh.. just beautiful Amel!

    No other word fits. :-)

  2. So when's your first anniversary?
    (Somebody had to say it...)

  3. Anniversary? Paul, it's still a long way to our anniversary he he he...

    Our wedding anniversary would be next December. Our living-together-as-a-couple would be next March. :-)))

  4. That is so nice, in a way, I envy you for your happiness and I hope it will be something that you will treasure for the rest of your life :)

  5. Know that song by Usher "U got it bad"? Let me give you an excerpt: " You got it, you got it bad, when you're on the phone, hang up and you call right back/you got it, you got it bad, if you miss a day without your friends, your whole life is off track/ you know you got it bad, when you're stuck at the house, you don't wanna have fun, it's all you think about (...)", meaning that you are heads over hills with your hubby :)! I am happy for you :)! I loved the missive...full of sentiment! Not many know how to write such beautiful love letters; and others don't even bother themselves...
    I am impressed *bowing*!

  6. Wow! What a sweet, wonderful, beautiful story! I love it.

  7. Hey, Shan, THX. :-)))

    Max: I didn't know that Usher song (for some reason I don't really like him HE HE), but GLAD you liked it he he he...Yeah, I guess I'm head over heels indeed. ;-D

    Hi, Vic! Glad you liked it, too! :-D