Friday, June 08, 2007

3BT: June 8th, 2007

Still in the mood to start the day by remembering 3 beautiful things in my life. I know they're not the things I've seen today, but I still want to write them down to give me a boost of zest and joy.

1. Getting a compliment not after you've done or achieved or given something. Last night just as we were cuddling before we went to bed, out of the blue my husband said, "You're wonderful." I shed a tear (he didn't realize it as the room was semi-dark and he wasn't wearing his glasses) as I didn't expect those words (he's not the too romantic type but I LOVE the way he can surprise me sometimes just when I least expect him to). Plus I LOVE his love notes that he writes almost every day before he goes to work (yeah, sleepyhead me still curls up under the blanket LOL).

2. Lidl's started selling more Asian food products since yesterday. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! Maybe they notice that I've been their regular customer or something. LOL!!!

3. There are still PLENTY of good/honest people out there. One example: over here if some stores have items on sale, they put two baskets of stuff (clothes or shoes) right OUTSIDE the store.
Back in Indo, one can NEVER do such a thing. And in flea markets here, people can go in and browse around and then go out again without being monitored or suspected.


  1. Lovely!!! Aaaahhh, your husband sounded romantic enough to me (love notes before going to work) :)!
    Yah, I belive that there are still honest people in the world too; althoug I always focus on the dishonest ones (maybe I am trying to help them in seeing the light)!
    Lidl has some awesome products! Cheers! P.S: I loved this entry....

  2. LOL! I guess I'm still more of a hopeless romantic than my hubby, then. I don't expect too much, though.

    However, when I do like something that he does/did, I'll try my best to tell him that so that he continues doing it. Like the love notes...we're both members of Friendster and if I add a post in my blog there, he'll get a notification and he'll read it. So I once wrote there that I LOVED getting his love notes and thus he continued doing it. Win-win solution. LOL!!!

    Yeah, Lidl's TOTALLY awesome (and they provide the stock at VERY reasonable price, too!!!)

    Glad you enjoyed my post.

  3. honesty... it sucks... why not keep playing and be fake, that way there'll be no pain.

  4. Why did you say that, Shan? Do you think by avoiding pain you'll be happier? I don't think so.