Sunday, June 17, 2007

3BT: June 17, 2007

1. Being understood. (If you've read my earlier post, you'll know that this means I'm experiencing a little piece of heaven on earth) And comforted by one of God's angels: M.

2. Flowers and more flowers growing on their own everywhere. They grow SO fast and they're SO LOVELY. I'll post my pics later on.

3. Being able to help someone via email by giving some info.

Here are the pics as I promised. Don't ask me the names of the flowers but if you know the names, do tell me. LOL! Click on the pics if you want to see bigger sizes. The pics were taken around my in-laws yard in Kelujärvi, Lapland.

Here're the chocolate balls I mentioned in my previous 3BT post. YUMMYYYYY!!! *drool*


  1. First post! hahaha

    Hope you're doing good Amel! Cheer up and I look forward towards those pictures!

    I might do a night trip around Perth sometimes and post them up on my blog for everyone to see what a beautiful city I live in!

    Maybe even myself if I feel crazy enough ahah!


  2. THX for your concern, Shan! I'm doing better now.

    HAVE FUN on your trip. I'd LOVE to see pics of Perth and yourself HO HO HO...


  3. Ah Amel, that was such a lovely thing to read.

    now I'll be smiling all day! :-))

    thank you

    Hey Shan - I want to see pictures of Australia too! :-D

  4. GOOD! ^______________________________^

  5. Hi Amelia! Not fair: my mouth is watering (ref: chocolate balls) lol! Beautiful pics: they transmit peace! I wish I could help you with the flowers, but I know nothing about flowers, although I love them! Cheers!

  6. Hey, Max!

    THX for your compliment. :-D

    Sorry for making you drool he he he...If you ever come visit me here, I can make you the chocolate balls. Or if you want the recipe, just tell me. ^______________________________^