Sunday, June 24, 2007

Midsummer Day "Party"

Back from a relaxing weekend!!! HAPPY MIDSUMMER DAY to everybody who celebrates it! ^______________________^

1. Glorious weather. When we went to my in-laws' on Friday, it was around 20'C. Saturday it got as hot as 25'C for a while, so we sunbathed outside. MMMMMM...Oh, and of course we had sauna on Friday eve after helping my mother-in-law move the flowers/plants out of her greenhouse to the yard ho ho ho ho...LOVE my sauna! ;-D

2. The food: STEAK! STEAK! STEAK! YUMMY indeed! :-D Steak, salad, sausage, cake, buns, coffee, strawberry curd, milk, lemonade. I can be fat if there are too many parties like this here he he he...Billy Blanks, wait for me tomorrow! I shall burn calories with you again!!! Gambatte kudasaiiiiii!!! ;-D

3. Laughing at my own folly. When I was helping my hubby and his Mom prepare the upstairs room for us (I got upstairs a bit late as I was doing something else at the moment, so they were nearly finished when I got there), I did something stupid. Arttu told me to pick a pillow and changed the pillow case. I THOUGHT his Mom had already taken off the old pillow case, so I just grabbed the new pillow case and put the new pillow case on. After they were done, his Mom asked where the old pillow case was. I tried to search for it even though I was confused as I hadn't seen it. Then Arttu realized something. He took my pillow and took off the new pillow case and ta-daa!!! At that very second, I started giggling hysterically! Talking about embarrassing yourself in front of your own mother-in-law! Then Arttu and his Mom started laughing, too. :-D It was the first time I could truly laugh at my own folly without beating myself up. It was SO funny that when we were about to go to bed that night, I couldn't stop giggling for a few minutes as I laid my head down on the pillow. LOL!!! (side note: The old pillow case was thin and the colour was white-light greyish so I REALLY thought it had been a "naked" pillow, you know? In my haste I didn't even think twice about it.)

4. Spotted a bee flitting about, so I took this video. Hope it's clear enough for you. I should've zoomed in better but oh well...It was FUN looking at the little fellow busily sucking away the nectar of the flowers.

5. Card games. Friday night Arttu, his Mom, and I played cards. First game I won, but two other games were won by Arttu. Saturday afternoon my mother-in-law's elder sister and husband dropped by and we played cards again. Again my mother-in-law lost, but at least we had fun together he he...

6. OK, here are more pics of the glorious summer and of nature...As usual, better click on the pics to see a bigger version.

The below pic was taken at 1 am, right after we finished our card games. ;-D

Me amongst the yellow flowers. Arttu said that the name of the flower was voikukka in Finnish or in English it'd be butter flowers. I think it's SO lovely to see the green grass dotted with yellow flowers everywhere.


  1. It sounds so perfect... a day to remember...

  2. Hi, Random! Yeah it's a glorious summer weekend indeed. :-D

  3. Sounds like you had great fun. :-) I think the yellow flowers must be what they call "buttercups" here. They are so pretty!

    I've learnt a lot of bird names here, but plants still are tricky. I keep forgetting what stinging nettles look like - which explains why I have been stung four times already!

  4. they're called "buttercups". I've never been a flower person. The only flowers I know back home would be roses, jasmines, orchids, and several other regular ones he he he...

    I haven't learnt the names of birds here, though. Stinging nettles? Yikes!!! Poor you...hope you'll never be stung again!