Friday, June 15, 2007

3BT: June 15, 2007

Here are my 3 beautiful things today:

1. Hearing news that Dad will be home in 5 days and that my Mom's OK.

2. My own homemade chocolate balls (made of crushed biscuits, rum, a bit of milk, a bit of butter and some melted chocolate and then formed into balls). I haven't tasted any, though, but I can already imagine how GOOD they must be HE HE HEH...LOL!!!

3. It's FRIDAAAAYYY!!! What else can I ask for??? Weekend, here I COME!!! :-D


  1. That's great news about your dad. :-)

  2. Yeah. :-))) Hopefully he'll stop complaining and snapping at my Mom, too he he he...

  3. hi, how are you doing??
    I've been busy and I missed your site, so I'm glad to come back and see that things are ok with you. I'm happy that your dad is ok :)
    & I'm glad you're ok too :) :) !

  4. THX for stopping by and leaving UR comment, Vince. :-)))

    Looking forward to reading more posts of yours. :-)))