Tuesday, June 05, 2007

What Will People Remember About You?

Yeah, yeah, I'm guilty of adding too many posts that aren't my own today, but I can't help it. I'm a schmuck. *grin*

Remembering You
By Catherine Pulsifer

If something were to happen to you tomorrow,

what would people remember about you?

Would they remember the hours you worked?
Would they remember the material things you own?
Would they remember how much money you had in the bank?
Would they remember the number of vacations you took?

Would they remember the love you showed?
Would they remember your caring and your sharing?
Would they remember the help you gave them?
Would they remember your smile, your laugh?

What will they remember?

Your actions today will determine what they will remember.

P.S. Thanks to Sam's reminder, I should've put the link to the site where I got it from: Wow4U.


  1. should you not give credit to the website where you used them?

    Your actions of just taking and not giving credit are not what you want people to remember

  2. Whoops, GOOD point, Sam!!!

    I thought I'd done that by writing down the name of the author, but OK, maybe I should've linked the site, as well.