Thursday, June 14, 2007


This morning I called my brother but he was resting at home. Just now he had gone to the hospital and one of the nurses said that the CT Scan result showed infarction. She said that my Dad had to be treated in the hospital still for 2 weeks. However my brother and Mom still wanted to talk to the doctor first. They wanted to know if my Dad could just be an outpatient. We'll see how it goes. At least now they know what's wrong with him. I always find that relieving: knowing what's wrong.


Okay, now we move on to the topic I want to talk about. Since I've been reading "The Five People You Meet in Heaven" by Mitch Albom, you can already guess what I'm going to talk about now. Yep. Heaven. In the novel it's said that when you die, you meet 5 people who'll explain your past to you and your connection with them in life, even though you may not realize that connection when you're still alive.

My first questions are: What's your idea of heaven? How do you imagine heaven (if you believe there is a heaven)?

I won't define/describe my own idea of heaven because I'd like to keep it as a surprise when I do get there someday. The idea of heaven reminds me of what my friend once told me when I was facing a serious depressing problem. She said, "Go write down what you want to ask God about the things happening in your life that you don't understand and then you can ask those questions after you die. I've already had a long list of my own questions to ask Him later." Intriguing! If that's the case, then Mitch Albom's idea/fable of heaven may be feasible.

My second question is: Since some of you may not believe in heaven, let's talk about heaven on earth then. What makes you feel that you're experiencing heaven on earth? The moments when you say, "Oh dear, it feels SO heavenly" or "My goodness, so THIS may be heaven on earth." It can be an experience, a place, or a situation, or anything at all. I'm VERY interested in finding out what people think of heaven on earth.

These are the the things that make me feel that heaven is on earth:
1. When I sit on my husband's lap and then we hold each other SO tightly and do nothing but just enjoy each other's presence and warmth.
2. When I've been craving for some food and then I can eat that specific food that tastes EXACTLY the way I want it to be.
3. Having a good night's sleep, being able to sleep with a peaceful mind and heart, unburdened by anything.
4. Whenever I am amazed by God's creations, especially when I bask in the glory of beautiful nature.
5. When you get something you've been wanting even without asking for it.
6. Miracles in life.
7. Being understood.

I guess that'd be enough for now he he...I can't wait to read your comments, so better publish this post. :-)))


  1. Well, the Bible talks a lot about Heaven, and some people believe it's literal, others believe it's figurative. EITHER WAY, I believe that it is a place where there is no pain, no shame, no sin. It is a place of peace, celebration, joy, and unconditional love. It is filled with the glory of God, and excellence in all things.

    The Bible talks about streets paved with gold, etc. Sometimes, I think that it's figurative, and that it will actually look very much like earth, but without all the garbage and crime and damage. It would be like the perfect world.

    As a sidenote, one of my favorite passages of the Bible is Revelation 4 and 5, talking about the worship in heaven. To me, that passage is so beautiful, it brings me to tears almost every time I read it.

    I don't know for sure. All I know is that I want to go there!

  2. THX for sharing your views, Jana!!!

    Yes, I also think that heaven as described in the Bible may be figurative. I also don't want to speculate too much as nobody knows for sure.

    Let's see each other in heaven then, someday he he he...

  3. Hope your dad gets better soon my dad had to be re-admitted to the hospital for infection in the lungs after his bypass - he'll be discharged tomorrow. You are in my prayers....

  4. What's your idea of heaven?

    I think heaven is more "real" than here. I think comparing here and there would be like comparing old black and white TV with 3D plasma colour. :-) Beyond that.. I know it's good and I'm willing to wait, and be amazed, when I die. :-D

    What makes you feel that you're experiencing heaven on earth?

    First - I love your answers to this one. They even made me feel I was experiencing heaven.

    ok.. what makes me see/feel heaven on earth?

    1. babies - animals, birds, humans. :-) Anything perfect and tiny and brand new.
    2. Being out in nature. Standing in a forest or looking out over a valley.
    3. My husband putting his arm over me in bed.. in his sleep. I go to bed later than him, but even asleep he always moves over and puts his arm around me, in case I'm cold. Heaven. :-))
    4. For some reason the next thing I thought of was the day my grandfather died. That sounds very weird, but it was a beautiful day. It was spring and the birds were singing outside his hospital window. All the family were there and we held hands and stood around him. It was very sad, but still very beautiful.

  5. Black/white TV with plasma TV, eh? INTERESTING comparison. :-))))

    I understand about your grandfather's death. Death is sad but also beautiful. The person no longer "suffers" on earth. Resting in peace. :-)))