Tuesday, June 19, 2007

3BT: June 19, 2007

1. The hospital'll release my Dad tomorrow morning. YAAAAYYY!!! Gladly his blood veins didn't burst. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY!!!!

2. Feather that my hubby and I use to tickle each other until we laugh like crazy.

3. Serenity after having more bloody battles inside my head today.


  1. Iuuuuupppppiiiii!!!! Thank the lord for that :)! I am happy for you!
    You and your hubby tickle each other, ey?
    I'm glad your feel calmer today: did you know that when one is calm and relaxed the angels camp around your house? Cheers!

  2. THX, Max!!! Yep, THX GOD indeed for my Dad. :-)))

    Yep, my hubby LOVES tickling me and loves being tickled. I never thought I could be tickled much, but he managed to tickle me EVERYWHERE. He's my Personal Tickler allright. LOL!!!

    Really? Angels camp around my house? That's a NICE image. THX for telling me that. :-D