Thursday, June 07, 2007

Three Beautiful Things

Found this blog: Three Beautiful Things. It reminded me of the things I should be thankful for in my life. So let me start today with these thoughts in mind:

1. I'm grateful for my soulmate/best friend/lover-husband 'coz he makes me laugh, giggle, grin (uncontrollably). He makes me feel comfy even when I'm being my silly self. I LOVE being silly in front of him! He makes me feel that we can both be forever young. ^_______________________^

2. MEATBALL SOUP!!!!! I've been craving for something soupy and hot and today I cooked meatball soup. Yum, yum!

3. It seems that I've been able to find balance in terms of my relationship with my group of close friends (fingers crossed). I've been able to write them back without any negative feelings at all and without feeling the need to comment on every single paragraph in their emails.

Now let me give you this lovely song by Shania Twain, You're Still The One. Dedicated to my darling husband and all those lovers out there who can relate to this song. :-))))


  1. I love that song! You sound like you are a beautiful person as well.



  2. THX for your comment and compliment, Lori!!!

    Glad you enjoyed the video. Yep, it's such a lovely song indeed. :-)))

    Blessings to you too!!!


  3. Lovely blog entry and Shania Twain! Now that's what I call getting value for reading. :-))

    Hubby chose "Queen of my Heart" for our wedding dance. Now I can't remember who sang that. blast! I'm going to kick myself later for forgetting that. :-\

  4. Hi again, M!

    Glad you enjoyed it. Ahhh...but in Indo most people don't dance on their wedding days. So we don't have a dance song, but I do have a FAVE song that he sent me once that fit us perfectly: I'll post it later. LOVELY song, too!

    Oops...hope later on you can remember the singer of "Queen of my Heart" he he...

  5. Now you've got to come up with three things to post once in a while (I don't get to it often enough, thanks for the reminder, have to try today)

  6. THX for the reminder, Joe!!!

    I'm planning to do just that. :-)))

  7. Westlife!!

    Queen of my heart, by Westlife


    I had to go look it up on Google.

  8. GOOD that you found it, M!!!

    That's one reason I LOVE the internet. We can find anything SO easily. :-D