Wednesday, June 06, 2007

More Pics of Lapland

I'm too sleepy to write anything serious. Last night I was tempted to drink coffee when my hubby wanted some for himself. I only took one small cup of it, but still it made me awake till 2 am. GRRAAAWWRRR!!! Now I'm like a zommmbbbiiiieeee. LOL!

By the way, there was an interesting thing happening around the time when I took these pictures. I had already said to myself that I would take pics of the river near downtown Sodankylä this summer when it got sunny. So off I went there with my camera. A few days afterward, my husband came home for lunch break and told me that his colleague had seen me taking pics of the river. Then she asked my husband what my name was and told him that my name was cute. Cute??? I never thought that my name was cute, but I'm grateful that someone thought so. *grin*

The UNFAIR thing about it was that I did NOT know that somebody spotted me. I mean, it's been SO easy for people around here to spot me since I'm probably one of the few (or the only one?) Asians living in Sodankylä. So, Asians out there, if you want to be "famous", just come here and walk around town and people WILL stare at you. LOL!!!

Just the other day I went to the supermarket and I was browsing for moisturizer. I noticed there was a man and his son near me (facing the opposite shelf). They were passing me by when I was still standing there in front of the face cream shelf. Just a second afterward, the son (he was probably around 7 years old) stepped back and then bent his body to his left unabashedly so that he could see my face clearly (smiling as he did so). I was too flabbergasted to react, so I did the only thing I could do: smile back. I wonder what kind of grown-up that kid would be one day he he he...And while smiling back at him, I wonder what his father must've been thinking. Maybe he thought to himself, "GOODNESS! My son's embarrassing!" or something. LOL!!!

Ahhh...rambling, rambling, so here are the pics of the river:

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