Saturday, June 09, 2007

3BT: Koti Ruoka (Home Cooking), Reindeer, Peace

Ahhhhh...what a day! Here are my three beautiful things today:

1. As usual we visited my in-laws and she prepared food for us: fish, potatoes, and pancakes. Her pancakes are THE BEST ever 'coz she uses thick milk derived from cows that have just had their youngsters. Plus she makes her own strawberry jam. YUM YUM!!! Plus she gave us some of those when we got back home. YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!

2. When we were driving to my in-laws this morning, a reindeer and its young were crossing the street. The reindeer didn't even look confused. My husband had to drive so slowly. The young reindeer looked a bit confused but it was SO cute, following its mother so closely behind!!!

3. Peace that came over me when I enjoyed nature here. The birds flying joyfully way overhead, the clouds and the endless sky, the green grass and the blooming flowers. I just LOVE this place!!!

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