Thursday, June 21, 2007

An Old Poem: Heaven and Hell of Love

Wrote this poem when I was desperately waiting for the authority to issue my residence permit (we were separated for around 4 months after Arttu flew back home to Finland after our wedding and honeymoon).

Heaven and Hell of Love

Heaven of love happens when the heart screams,
"I'm gonna tell the world how much I love him!!!"
"I can't believe how lucky I am to have him!!!"
"Marrying him is the best decision of my life!!!"
"I feel like home when being with him!"

"I love myself more when I am with him!"
"I love the way he makes me feel!"
"I love the way he smiles!"
"I believe our love is eternal!"
"I feel that we are so meant to be!"
"He brings out the best in me!"
"We are soulmates!"

Hell of love happens when the heart screams,
"I'm bleeding 'coz I can't see him, feel him, kiss him, hold him, touch him!"
"I'm desperate 'coz I can't give all my love to him!"
"Don't you know how much I love him?"
"Can't you see how much he means to me?"
"Why is life doing this to us?"
"This pain is almost unbearable at times, Yet we have to keep on fighting for love!"
"I want to teleport myself to him RIGHT NOW!"
"Gosh, how much longer do we have to wait?"
"For God's sake, kill us and let us haunt each other forever!"


Love is heaven and hell (on earth). Love is pure bliss and agony. Now I'm in the deepest chasm of hell. Misery is my company. Nobody understands this hell except the one I love, for he's also in the same hell. Agony becomes a companion I have to bear.

Written on Thursday, February 22, 2007


  1. We were apart 6 months between proposal and marriage. We got very lucky and the visa came through a month after the wedding so we went from honeymoon straight to me packing and leaving. A visa moving that fast is a miracle!

    But those six months before then waiting alone on the other sides of the world were very much Hell.

  2. Yeah, I know you'd understand, M. GOOD THING you could move THAT fast he he he...

    Hell...glad it's over...LOL!!!