Friday, June 08, 2007

Random Thoughts

1. AAAARRRGGHHH!!! It's SO hard to conquer my wants. There are times I'm tempted to buy some stuff, but I just have to bite my tongue and I have to tell myself, "Do you REALLY need them? Maybe you think you need them, but in the end you'll realize that you just WANT them and that you don't really need them. You'd better save your money for rainy days, you know?"

2. Sometime ago, a friend of mine wrote a post in her blog. She was wondering if positivism or positive thinking really existed. She was curious whether it was just our self-defense. In the end she said she didn't believe in positivism, so she chose to be a realistic person.

I think that positive thinking does exist. It may sometimes start as a form of self-defense, but the more we practise thinking positively, the easier it becomes. It becomes a habit. And if we keep on doing the habit, it'll blend into our character in the long run. There may be times when we are forced to think positively just to survive, but what's wrong with that? I think being realistic IS important, but realism without a positive frame of mind is like accepting your situation without hope for a better tomorrow. At least that's what I think. Any other opinions???

P.S. I just want to share this one as it's SO hilarious: Gender Differences.


  1. Some friends on a website were discussing this just a few days back. We figured that it goes back to those words "faith" and "hope".

    When you get those two working in the positive thinking miracles do happen. :-)

    I have an intellectual friend who calls it "manifesting". Kind of using that positive hope/faith to draw good things to you. I tried it out and it worked!

    I bought this jigsaw puzzle at the recycle shop, but a piece was missing (I hate that). So I thought, "Ok, lets try this manifest thing. Hey universe - give me back my lost piece!"

    A week later I walk into the room and there it is lying under the chair I always sit in. There was no way I missed seeing it for four days. :-O

    Not exactly moving a mountain, but good enough for me. :-))

  2. Hey, M!

    Yeah, I guess it's kinda "manifesting" indeed. Like, "Be careful what you wish for (be it good or bad)."

    Nice story you've got there! Life can be miraculous indeed and I refuse to stay JUST a realist 'coz I want to see the world "from the eyes of a child" he he he...

  3. I don't believe in being realistic, because what's reality? My reality is, for sure, different than yours, and yours different than the next person! However, positive thinking is something that seems to be universal (within those who practice it, of course)! I adore positive thinking cause it makes things seem less hard. Some compare it to faith, so be it! Faith in God, faith in! Buddha said "everything is dukha (grief)!", he's right cause we are born in the midst of pain (both mom -labour, and baby- the pain of leaving a place he knew for 9 months and having to face something completely new for more than 75 years), and go through a lot of painful situations in life (we cannot escape from it); but if we have positive thinking, if we believe in something, life will look much brighter; and we learn to accept its obstacles as a necessary learning tool! Cheers Amelia!

  4. GOOD points, Max!!! Yeah, life is suffering indeed in a way. I adore positive thinking, as well, 'coz it's changed my life COMPLETELY. I used to be a pessimist and a cynical person he he he...