Thursday, June 14, 2007

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Beautiful Pics of Finnish Nature


Cabin Trip

More Pics of Lapland: Sodankylä River

A Wet Affair: Strawberry Picking in Kelujärvi

Personal Space: Midnight Sun Festival Experience

Midsummer Day "Party"

Family Pics

Dragonfly and Flowers

Video Clip Time!!!

Finnish Ways

Library and Language Barrier

Weekend Photos


40th Birthday Party

More Autumn Pics

Santa, French Bread, Squirrel

Saturday, the First Day of December 2007

A Plumper Snowman

Downtown Sodankylä: Pictures and Video Clips

Ouch, It's Slippery!


Pre-Christmas Party


Language and Its Intricacies

Photographer at the Birthday Party

Risoles and Nature Pics

A Not So Ordinary Sunday

There's Always a First Time for Everything


My Last Weekend of Freedom

My First Day At The Full-time Course

Stealing Kisses on My 2nd Day at the Course

Lost In Translation

Snowy Weekend

The Fun Part About Learning a New Language

All In One


Moon, Thou Art Shining So Brightly Tonight!

A Sample of Coining and Today's Story

Leap Year Tradition

Arktikum and Santa Park

Finnish for Foreigners: My Recommendation

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