Sunday, June 03, 2007


One thing I didn't expect from Finland is that the summer can be THIS hot. Yesterday the temperature shot up to 26'C even though the day before it was only around 13-15'C. The crazy thing is that you have to prepare for major weather changes. I mean, I still can't go around without a jacket when it's only 13-15'C.

Today it's around 25'C. For some reason 25'C in Finland is MUCH hotter than 25'C in Indonesia. Or maybe it's because my body's used to colder weather now in Finland than in Indo, so that 25'C in Finland feels hotter for me. Dunno.

I still can't believe it can be THIS hot here. Especially yesterday when there were almost no clouds in the sky. Now we even have to open some windows to let cool air inside as the inside temperature gets as high as 26'C (though not as hot as outside).

If I had known that it could be THIS hot, I'd have brought more summer clothes. Now I don't even have short pants (gladly I still have one sexy short skirt to wear HE HE). Good thing there're flea markets here. I'll surely visit them again, hopefully to find something that fits me at a reasonable price. :-)))



  1. I laughed reading this. Me too! The first time I visited Scotland it was in spring - 14C, which is our winter temperatures in my area of South Africa.

    So when I moved to live I threw out all my old shorts and summer stuff. I never thought I'd need it, but it does get hot here. Like you say, it's really weird. Temperatures here feel hotter. Friday I was so hot, but the radio said it was 20C!! That's cool in Africa. really weird.

  2. AHHHH! So I wasn't the only one then. The coldest weather in Bandung during wet season is only around 17'C, I think. And yes, 20'C in Indo felt SO much cooler and I couldn't walk around without a jacket on he he he...

    My husband just laughed and shook his head when I told him that I'd left most of my summer clothes back in Indo. Oh well...

  3. Hey, CMG!!!

    THX for your compliment. Glad I can make somebody smile/laugh with my posts. :-D

  4. Hei! Sorry, I'm going to write in another language than English, but here goes:

    Saya ingin menulis dalam bahasa Indonesia karena sudah lama tak bisa ngobrol atau tulis dlm bahasanya! Saya orang Australi yang sedang belajar di Turku - sebenarnya saya baru berakhir pelajaran saya di sini, tapi saya masih tinggal di Turku selama Juni. Maaf kalau saya tidak menulis bahasa Indonesia dengan lancar lagi :) Saya harus meneruskan belajar bhs Indo bila saya pulang!

    Olen myöskin opiskellut suomen kieltä, mutta en vielä puhu sitä sujuvasti. Sitä huolimatta arvaan, että ei ole paljon ihmisiä Suomessa, jotka osaavat indonesiaa! Minullakin on blogi, jos se kiinnostaa sinua!

    Jumpa lagi

  5. LOL Congrats! I love summer: here in Portugal it's 32 degrees, today! Iiiiiiiuuuuuppppiiiiii! Enjoy summer while it lasts, cause the way weather is today...we may be back to winter in August *shrugging*!

  6. 32'C!!!! Yikes, it's too hot for me, thank you very much HE HE HE...Glad you ENJOYED it, though! :-)))

    My "ideal" weather would be around 24-28'C, I think. LOL!!!