Saturday, June 02, 2007

Cabin Trip

Well, as I've told you, my husband and I went to the cabin yesterday. To his parents' cabin, that is. It was around 14'C when we got there at around 7 pm and we went straight to sauna. YEEEEESSSSS!!!!

Then we went to the cabin after drinking coffee. We brought a deck of cards (well, actually my kind-hearted mother-in-law told us to bring theirs he he) and a radio. It was SO lovely there. The first time I spent the night at the cabin was a little over 3 years ago. Back then it was still winter, so this time everything was TOTALLY different. While Arttu tried to light up the fireplace, I decided to sunbathe near the lake as it was still COLD inside the cabin and took some pics. Here're two of them.

Finally I thought summer would definitely come. We spent some time near the edge of the lake, sitting down and basking in the sun. I told Arttu then, "It's SO nice to be here. You don't have to be anything. You don't have to prove anything to anybody. You simply exist." It was EXQUISITE! The birds were chirping happily, other birds were communicating with one another by squawking while flying over the lake. The sun was really warming us up. We didn't have to talk about anything at all. Here's a pic of us. :-)))

Here are two pics taken at around midnight.

After the wind began picking up, we came inside the warm cabin and started to cook our hamburger and sausages in the fireplace. YUM YUM YUM!!!!!!!

After that we just enjoyed our time together. Arttu said that it brought back so many memories. Yep, in the cabin he "informally" proposed to me over 3 years ago. Yet our path wasn't that easy. Only now we're together again. Sweet, sweet, sweet!!!
One thing I ABSOLUTELY love about the cabin is that there's NO distraction. No TV, no computer. We can TOTALLY enjoy quality time together! YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!!! My cup runneth over he he he...Then we started playing cards.

The one thing that I dislike about the cabin is the fact that the toilet is located outside the cabin, attached to a barn or something. So if I need to go, I have to put on my jacket and shoes and I have to walk out. Plus there's no sprayer there he he...Yep, most Finnish toilets, even public toilets, have sprayers and I LOVE them!!!

If you want to know what the cabin toilet looks like, here's the picture.

However, I'm not going to complain. I just want you to know how it is like there in the cabin. When we finally went to bed at around midnight, it was a bit dark but not too dark still. Here's a picture of me at around midnight.

Then at around 3 am my bladder was screaming for help, so reluctantly I went out. The sun was then shining so brightly again. What a funny feeling indeed, waking up at 3 am and being welcomed by the sun!!! LOL!

Oh yeah, I also spotted a hare running out from the forest when I was taking a walk to the lake again today (we spent this morning and afternoon in my in-laws' after we woke up). Too bad the hare saw me, so it ran back to the forest to hide just as I was taking out my camera to take a pic of it. Drat!!! >_______________________<>

My mother-in-law left a note on the kitchen table for me. She was in a hurry today as she had to help cook for her niece's son's graduation party, so she didn't have time to water the plants in the greenhouse. So I went there and did it (hopefully I did it right!!!). Here're two pics of her flowers. :-))))

On the way home, we spotted a few reindeer on a field, so Arttu stopped the car this time to let me take a pic of them because he knew how DESPERATE I was he he...So here FIRST reindeer pic. YYIIIIIIPPPIIIIEEEE!!!!

Okay, I'm SO tired now, so I'm gonna post this and relax. :-))) Hope you had a MAGICAL weekend!!! Mine was SO magical and RELAXING. It was TOTALLY worth it!!!


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  2. THX for stopping by at my blogsite, too, Shan!!! And for subscribing to my blog!


    Sure I'd love to have a blog friend. I'll see you in the cybersphere!!!

  3. beautiful pictures, but the toilet outdoors sounded a bit scary.

    We had a lovely Saturday, but it has rained all of today. I don't mind though. It was a good excuse to relax. I did a jigsaw puzzle.

    We have roe deer in our area. I still haven't managed to photograph them though. :-(

    Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. :-)

  4. Yep, indeed the toilet looks a bit scary, doesn't it?

    But I can't wait to go to the cabin again. My husband just said yesterday that we'd surely spend a night there again sometime this summer. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! More quality time!!! HURRAY!!! ;-D

    Yeah, it's not easy to photo animals as they tend to move fast. It's just fascinating to see the many animals here blending with nature. :-))))

  5. Hi Amel...

    I love your Blog...and it is great to see 'the cabin.' You have talked about it so often with great enthusiasm and now I can see why. It is rather amazing to me it that it resembles the lake we lived on while in Kenora, Ontario. The lake, the landscape and surrounding woodlands could be a 'double' for where we lived for a couple of years. Great!

  6. Hi, Raia!

    Glad you enjoyed my blog. So the lake resembled the one you lived on in Kenora, eh? GREAT!!! It's actually located about 25 minutes away by car from our place (it's a smaller village where my hubby's parents live) he he he...Finland is a country of a thousand lakes. You can see a body of water everywhere: rivers, lakes, ponds! ;-D