Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Enlighten Me, Please?

I've never understood this sentence:

"Everything is fair in love and war."

What does it really mean??? Care to enlighten me, please?


  1. hahaha, surely you must have some kind of view in regards to this quote?

    from my point of view, i guess it would appear that the quote means in either war or love, you don't hold back. you use everything at your disposal to obtain victory or "victory" in love...

    i guess it means there is NO RULES in either love or war, you use everything!

  2. THX for your view, Shan. INTERESTING!!!

    No rules in love or war. Really? I thought there were at least rules in wars...i.e. you're not supposed to shoot unarmed civilians and stuff like that.

    When I first thought about that quote, I thought to myself, "Is it TRUE that EVERYTHING is FAIR in love and war? Why pair LOVE and WAR? So the end justifies the means, no matter how ugly the means are?"

    But I guess then it's a really male point of view if the main goal is to obtain "victory". I mean, at least in a relationship, you can't really win if the other person doesn't give as much into the relationship.

    Oh well...THANKS anyway for clearing it up for me he he he...

  3. Interesting conversation.... Not all quotes hold a truth. That is up the individual to interpret with an open mind and decide whether it holds meaning. The "All's fair in love and war" is destructive, abusive and crap. Like the quote "opportunity only comes once." Check out my site if your are interested in meaningful quotes. Leave me a comment if you decide to take a look.

  4. Hey, Monday Morning Power!!!

    You've got that right. Sure I'll check your site later on. THX for stopping by! :-D