Monday, June 25, 2007

Thank You, Lord, My Everything

Just received a VERY TOUCHING email from my brother. He told me the detailed story of my Dad's illness. When reading the story, I couldn't help crying, knowing now how they've been in THE BEST hands of all, God's.

My brother told me how many people had been helping them, how many people had been praying for them, the people who also supported them financially and emotionally. How my brother's girlfriend's parents brought food for them a few times a day. So many ANGELS.

I'm also amazed when realizing how rooted my brother is in Jesus (even though I'd always known he was close to Him). He's SO strong and wise now, not because he's THAT strong, but because of Jesus who's given him strength.

This post is dedicated to Jesus, My Lord, My Saviour, My EVERYTHING. My faith's still so raw...yet each day I'm learning how to be closer to Him. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you for sending SO MANY angels to help and comfort my family and me. Your grace is TRULY always sufficient.

So let me sing this song for You...Here I Am to Worship..."Here I am to worship, here I am to bow down, here I am to say that You're my God...You're altogether lovely...altogether worthy...altogether wonderful to me..."


  1. It's in God's hands, don't worry.

  2. Amén! I am happy about your brother finding strength in Jesus (I am not Christian, but I think we should be connected to the Lord in any way we choose)! God is our best provider, and the greatest angel of them all...therefore He shall guide your family and take your dad under his wing (Psalms 91)! Fear not The Lord is listening to your prayers, and He'll shall light your dad's way :)!
    It is nice of you to dedicate this post to God; for the Lord is to be praised everyday, at all times (even in the bad ones, well specially in the bad times...for God tests our faith by sending trial times towards us)!
    May the Lord be with you and your family!

  3. THX again for your comment, Max!

    Indeed God will provide for my family. Sometimes it's just not easy to do, esp. when I turn my focus on my worries and on the problems instead of focusing myself on God. Ah well...but it's the journey that counts and I've made a pact to be kind to myself, so I won't beat myself up because of my raw faith.

    Instead, I'd just be grateful that He understands everything I'm going through. :-D