Wednesday, June 20, 2007

3BT: June 20, 2007

1. Calling home and talking to Mom. Dad's finally home and Mom'll help him get back on his two feet. Funny thing is that the cane that I bought for Mom when she had trouble with her knee last year is now being used by Dad (thanks to glucosamine, Mom can now walk on her own two feet again).

2. Seeing the squirrel in the tree near our apt. building again. SO CUTE!!!

3. Reading this sentence in one devotional: We must experience our weakness to experience God’s strength.


  1. I'm so glad to hear your dad's going home. :-)

    My mom and dad both take glucosamine. It's amazing stuff.

  2. THX, M!

    Yeah, I'm also glad because then my brother and Mom don't need to take turns to go to the hospital. Even though Mom still has to take care of Dad, it's nicer to do it at the comfort of their own home.

    Yep, glucosamine...the oil for joints. I'm SO glad they're available. :-)))

  3. It's much nicer being home. WE once had two family members in hospital at the same time - Thank goodness they were actually in the same ward, but it was still exhausting.

    Hey, I've tagged you for a thinking blog award. :-D

  4. It must be such a relief to you... I had come back when dad was still in the hospital and was so relived when he was discharged.

  5. Yes, it IS really a relief, Random.

    THX for your concern. :-)))

    M, THX again for the tag. Now I have to thiiinnnkkk he he he...

  6. Hello Amelia! Halleluiah that your dad is finally home! I think I speak for all when I say that we're happy for the good news! Yeah, there are odd ways of being closer to God, and experiencing his grace! By the way: I've tagged you with a Thinking Blogger Award, on the category of "Best Leading Kindness of the Year" :)! You should come and collect your second award at:


  7. HALLELUJAH indeed, Max!!

    THX A LOT for your comment. Yes, God has His ways to lead us back to Him. :-))))

    And THX for tagging me back with the award, but especially for the reason you chose me. I TRULY appreciate it!!!