Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A Funny Video Link

Yep, still on a video "mood" today he he...I found this funny video but I can't find the HTML codes, so I'll just post the link here then: Monthly Man.

Oops...just got a hint from my friend that the poem I posted the other time entitled: Christian was not written by Maya Angelou and it was already revised by some people. Yikes!!!

The original writer is Carol Wimmer. Here's the link to the site that explained it:

Urban Legends Reference Page: I am a Christian.

Btw, I didn't erase the original post, but I added a note below it and I posted the original poem.

P.S. Here I want to personally THANK everybody who's visited this site, either by accident or on purpose. I LOVE using Feed Burner as I get to see where my visitors are from. AROUND the world, actually!!! THANK YOU for making my day by dropping by. I'm honoured and I hope you can find something that will make you smile or enlighten you or make you feel not alone in facing this world's challenges and obstacles. THANK YOU especially to those who have written down their comments. I TRULY appreciate it. ;-))))

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