Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Random Thoughts

1. Perfection is overrated. Do we really think that we can stand being with someone who's SO "perfect"? Only through imperfection do we really need one another.

Imperfection can be a blessing, especially when it comes to physical appearance. Other people's imperfections can humble us to accept our own imperfections and not try in vain to follow society's standard of perfection. The other day a friend of mine complained about that she had a hard time trying to find the right pair of trousers, even though for the longest time ever I thought she had a better body type than me! Then I remembered that even some types of clothes didn't suit for my slim, tall friends.

What's with mankind's obsession towards physical beauty? Women feel the pressure to look good all the time, not only within themselves but from outside. They want to please their partners and they want to look good to feel good. However, it's not so easy to achieve when all the beauty ads scream something different than what we have.

It takes courage to feel good with yourself when you are against the mainstream. It takes faith to know you are special in this materialistic, cruel, realistic world that tries to pull you into categories. It takes effort to step back and see yourself as a unique person and to unattach yourself from the pressures and influences around you. It takes confidence to know that beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder.

2. Everything makes more sense once a tragedy's passed (provided that you take time to assess it).

3. I read this GREAT article on codependency. Warning: it's full of Christian values, so if you don't want to read anything religious, pass this one: When We Love Too Much.

4. If you react strongly against something other people tell you, stop, take a step back, and listen to what's inside you. Those people may mean well and the only thing you react so strongly against them is that what they tell you is like a mirror being held in front of you where you can see all the things you're not proud of about yourself, all the wounds and scars that still hurt so much that you don't even realize.

It's true what my Aunt says: Oftentimes when you don't get along well with someone, it's because there are certain things about yourself that prompts the discord.

I know that we can't possibly get along well with EVERYBODY, but still it's better to just realize what's inside us instead of pointing a finger against someone who's only shoving a mirror in front of you.


  1. You're a wise wise woman Amel :)

  2. WOAH, THX for the compliment, Vic. I wish I were wise he he he...so many confusing thoughts lingering in my brain still (without any good answers), but I DO appreciate your compliment. THX again!!! :-D

  3. Good ones! Yeah, I've noticed that often when I get insulted or hurt by someone I need to go look at that mirror - see what it shows me about me.

    it's not easy to remember though!

  4. Hi, M!

    Yeah, I know. It's really not easy to remember indeed when you're in the throes of anger. We can only try to remember all the good lessons in life and apply them he he he...

  5. "Warning: it's full of Christian values, so if you don't want to read anything religious, pass this one"

    It's not the Christian values that people object to (provided that we truly mean Christian values and not values held by certain self-described Christians). People object to overt Christian rhetoric, unjustified beliefs and using God or religion as a blunt instrument.

  6. @Blind: THANKS for sharing your POV. :-D