Wednesday, August 08, 2007

3BT: August 8, 2007

1. Saw a boy on a bike with chubby RED cheeks. His cheeks looked like ripe tomatoes!!! ;-D HOW CUTE!!!

2. Saw a girl gliding away effortlessly on rollerblades. Gee, if only I can do it! I've never tried rollerblading in my entire life.

3. Lots of people wearing tank tops. It's finally the hottest day this summer. It's 27'C in the shade, so probably it's around 29'C in the sun. SUUUMMMMEEERRRRRRRRR!!!

4. Getting free bags (a cosmetics bag and two bigger bags) from this firm where I bought face masks. Pretty useful as I have no cosmetics bags! ;-D

5. Drinking a glass of COLD water after walking downtown on such a hot day and then eating a COLD JUICY Kiwi. It felt SOOOOOO good!!! ;-D (And soon I'm about to eat my mint ice-cream, the BEST ice-cream I've ever tasted in my life HO HO HO HO HO HO HO)

7. Fresh air to breathe. It's easy to take this for granted, but just now I remembered the smog back in Indo and here I am now, enjoying FRESH air. :-D


  1. Yummy Kiwi--- I sure could go for one of them right now, just hand me a spoon! Too bad they're so much more expensive in America then in most every other country.

  2. Hi, Daszzle! THX for dropping by and leaving a comment! ;-D

    Yeah, back in Indo Kiwis were SO expensive, but here they're sometimes cheap enough to buy (esp. since I have this supermarket card where sometimes they give discount to the card bearers). ;-D

  3. I have to comment on your hottest day of the year. I would love to have that weather today. Today our weather broke the previous record. Our temperature was 103 F. today! Oh my! It is so hot this week and they said it will be hotter Thursday and Friday.

  4. Hi again, Kathy!!!

    Wait a minute...103'F = 39.4'C. OUUUUCCCHHH!!! That's INSANE! Even back in Indo, the hottest would be around 33-34'C and that was TOO HOT.

    Hope you have your AC and the temperature will cool down again ASAP.