Sunday, August 26, 2007

3BT: Weekend Wrap

1. Being spontaneous for once in my life. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY!!!

2. Sleeping in from 9.30 pm to 9 am with my hubby at my in-laws'. MMMMMMMM...SO refreshing!!!

3. Watching two sisters (aged 74 and 63) chasing a fly to kill it. It was such a WONDERFUL sight! ;-D

4. HOT fish soup made by my mother-in-law on a cold windy day (it was only 10'C). YUMMY!!!

5. Receiving many comments on my post. It felt GREAT coming back from my in-laws and noticing that lots of people had left comments there. *grin*

6. The comfort of wearing socks or even double pair of socks. Warm, warm, warm!!! I never really thought of the importance of socks in Indo as I didn't need to wear them, but here they're a NECESSITY!!! ;-D


  1. Hello Amel. That sounds a lovely way to spend your weekend. I especially like the sound of the home-made fish soup - do you have a recipe by any chance?!

    Our weekend in the UK continues today as we have a Bank Holiday - and the day has dawned fine, which is very rare on a public holiday!

    I loved your Matrix video, too - my daughters & I were gobsmacked initially, until we saw the men-in-black come out and move the players - utterly superb!

  2. Hi, Agnes!

    Yeah, my weekend was lovely and relaxing indeed.

    Uuuhh...too bad I don't have the fish soup recipe, but I think the basic ingredients are the same (at least I didn't see her put anything else):

    Boiling water plus sliced salmon plus potatoes (cut into 1 X 1 cm cubes)
    Then add food cream, pepper and salt to taste
    Plus add a few slices of cheese

    Hey, it's GREAT to have a LONG weekend!!! ;-D

    Glad you enjoyed the Matrix video. Yep, it's REALLY awesome!!!

  3. Thanks for the recipe, Amel...I actually make something similar to this already, but omit the cream...It's good grub, isn't it?!

  4. Agnes: UR welcome. Yeah, creamy HOT soup on a cold day is THE BEST he he he...

    I made sausage soup this morning and I added some bits of jalapeno chili plus a few teaspoonfuls of jalapeno chili water (I bought a canned one) to the mixture (I didn't add any cream). Boy, it tastes now SO spicy and HOT!!! ;-D YUM YUM!!!