Sunday, August 12, 2007

Answers to Tough Questions

I love "Anwers to Tough Questions" in Our Daily Bread (you can find Our Daily Bread link in my sidebar). Today I read about this particular question and I'd love to share the answer with you.

Here's the question:

Is it possible for a genuine believer to be overwhelmed with fear and despair?

And you can read the answer here.

I also LOVE the fact that they acknowledge that there are types of depression that may need PROFESSIONAL help without judging that they're lack of faith or anything.

Here's one of the questions asked on such matter:

Should I be concerned about this cloud of hopelessness that seems to hang over me?

You can find the answer here.

And here's another question asked by MANY people:

Why would an all-powerful God permit evil?

You can find the answer here.

There are still so many questions answered in the site. If you want to read more, just go here: Answers to Tough Questions.


  1. Excellent post amel.....very important for people who are struggling with depression and a feeling of hopelessness. I have studied many great poets who wrote about the Christian faith in very profound ways and were great witnesses and almost all of them also dealt with depression. I am fortunate that what I deal with is not depression...I truly am as happy as the next person. But, I certainly have overcome many trials and I have at times felt depressed....but, never hopeless. maybe sometimes I feel a hopelessness about ever getting anyone to truly understand mental health issues...but, I truly appreciate this very insightful post and your efforts to help. God will bless you greatly for this...~God Bless you are an angel in my world:)~jackie

  2. Oh yes and my goodness....I hope you had a good week-end at the cabin...I missed you:)Jackie

  3. HUGS to you, Jackie! You really touched me deeply. THANK YOU!!!

    I just thought that Christians shouldn't be too narrow-minded and they should really learn more about other people and they should remember that even though they may not be "vulnerable" to certain issues, there ARE certain issues that each human is "vulnerable" to. That's a fact in life that I'm trying to remember as best as I can.

    And yeah, THANKS, my weekend went GREAT. I'll write about it tomorrow, I think. ;-D

  4. hi amel, interesting questions and answers. nice. c",)


  5. Hi, Orville, glad you enjoyed the post! Have a NICE start of week! ;-D