Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Guilty as Charged

"Hey, Girl, remember the paragraph we found the other day?"

"Yeah, sure do. Let's read it once more from Strength For The Journey.

Why is it that seeing trouble in the lives of others so often gives way to a sense of religious superiority as we draw the conclusion that we are somehow more worthy and less in need of grace than the person in the ditch? It’s so easy to forget that as rebellious, disobedient people, none of us deserves God’s favor and blessing.

That part really made us both nod and nod and nod, right?"

"Indeed. We're both guilty as charged, aren't we?"

"Yep. That's one reason why I'm 'afraid' of being smackdab among religious people. I wonder if they'll EVER accept me for who I am if they know everything about me and my past."

"I understand what you mean. It's not that you want to avoid them, right? You're just afraid of being 'examined under their perfectionistic microscope'."

"Yeah, that's true. Remember what some religious fanatics said about me when I was a kid and I got sick?"

"Of course. They said that there might be something wrong with our parents and that they had to solve the 'problem' first."

"I think they're SO way out of line by saying such stuff."

"Me, too. How dare they accused our parents like that?!?!?!"

"Oh well...people can sometimes have such strong convictions over their own beliefs that they're blind to what matters most: love."

"I suppose that's the sad truth. No wonder lots of people don't believe in God. How can they believe in God when they see what 'godly' people do to one another?"

"Yes, but we're also guilty as charged, remember that."

"I know, I know, I'm NOT trying to make excuses or accusing other people without including myself. I just want to express my sadness. We're lost people and we all need His grace, but sometimes when you feel that you're SO right, you act as though you had the right to 'fix' other people."

"Yeah, even though the reality is that EVERYBODY is prone to temptations, trials, and failures. It makes me wonder about humans' capability of pointing fingers at one another. It makes me wonder about how little love I have inside me."

"Yeah, me, too. It's like I still can't grasp God's love for me. Humans point fingers at one another and judge one another, including me. We feel superior or inferior to others. When can I begin to understand that I see myself in others and that their struggles are MY struggles, as well and we can all be tempted by anything and that we're all connected by grace?"

"Yeah, God sees us all as His creations and He loves each and every one of us, but it can be SO hard for humans to love one another, isn't it? I'm also saddened by the fact that I still haven't got that much love within me. Let's just keep praying so that God will open our hearts and fill them with His kind of love, shall we? Let's just hope that one day He'll make us understand this more clearly."

"Yes, let's do that regularly. By the way, I think I LOVE the basic message in the above text.

When a friend, loved one, family member, or fellow Christian is snared in sin, the first thing that should be on our lips is, “How can I help?”

“Brothers, if someone is caught in a sin, you who are spiritual should restore him gently. But watch yourself, or you also may be tempted. Carry each other's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ” Galatians 6:1-2

Let's remember this text, as well, shall we?"

"Yep. I think I've had enough of this discussion. Hey, look it's SO sunny out there. Let's SOAK UP THE SUN before autumn starts and the darkness sets in."

"YYYEEESSS let's go!!! Let us enjoy the sun and count our blessings, too. And let's wish everybody here as MANY blessings as you can count and as MUCH help as you can get from God or His angels on earth."

"Everybody, have a MAGICAL day ahead filled with LOVE!!!"


  1. What a wonderful post Amel. and you are so right. You know I quit going to church....and, I have always loved church. But, if anyone ever finds out that I see a Psychiatrist---the judgement starts right away and many, many times I am completely shunned. I too am guilty as well....but, there was only one perfect that has walked on this earth and "We all fall short of his glory" everyday. What an insightful post..you should right more about this topic!!God Bless~:DJackie

  2. THX for your compliment, Jackie.

    I just wanted to get it out of my chest so much so that I wrote it he he he...

    No wonder it's SO hard to understand how great God's love is for us...'coz even "church-goers" can't even shed an ounce of reflection of God's love and yes, we're all guilty of it. But that makes God's love even MORE UNBELIEVABLE, doesn't it? ;-D

    I've just begun to understand it more bit by bit, but it's NOT easy he he he he...May heaven help me one step at a time! ;-D

    THANK GOD we have such a GOD who understands us PERFECTLY yet still loves us for WHO WE ARE without caring what other humans think of us. HALLELUJAAAAAHHHH!!! ;-D

  3. Oh forgot to add, I UNDERSTAND how you feel...about being judged. My family's had their shares of being judged as well. Hope you can later on go back to church, Jackie...when you're ready. :-)))) May God help you in facing all those judging people.