Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Daydreaming Meme

Epi tagged me to do this meme about what I do with $1,000,000.00!

  1. Pay tithe to my former church in Bandung.
  2. Buy a house for us both and a new car (and maybe some kitchen gadgets).
  3. Send enough money to my parents so they can live well and enjoy their old days without having to work too hard. If they want to open a small kiosk or something (to make sure they won't be senile early), I'll support them with the funding.
  4. Travel to several places.
  5. Go back to Indo to visit my family and friends, bringing lots of Finnish products and bringing back lots of stuff from there (spices, food mixes that I can't find here, etc.)
  6. Start my own business: maybe open a small bookshop (I LOVE the bookshop owned by Meg Ryan in the movie "You've Got Mail").
  7. Save the rest of the money for kids and for the rest of our lives.

Instructions :

**Start Copy**Proposition: If you Have $1,000,000.00…………………………

Requirements: continue above sentences

Tag Mode: 5 bloggers

I decide not to tag anyone, sorry. If someone wants to follow the lead, go ahead. ;-D

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What They Do With Their $1 Million1.

1.SYH will spend for Family

2. Miche will give to the needy

3. Montessorimum will keepsake

4. Lovely Mummy will spend & save

5. MummyInVain will fully utilise

6. Babyfiona will buy house and open business

7. MonkeyWong will go for a long vacation

8. Emila Yusof will realise her dream

9. Mariuca will open a Perfume Gallery

10.Janice Ng will upgrade house and go for long vacation

11.Hin will blog to donate for charity

12.Bobo will invest in property and let her parents go on a holiday.

13. Adrian will spend it all!

14. Brad will spend all of his money on foolish gadgets

15.Danielle will buy a cottage in the woods and never look back

16. Brown Baron will hold a $17,500 blog contest.

17. Bobby will be on a World vacation forever.

18. Arsenal Marketing will Tithe 10%, use 10K for advertising, Invest the rest

19. Barrett will do ALOT of Traveling

20. Mommibee will Give, Pay Loan and Education Fund

21. Sean will go for family

22. Seiche would Fix you but good

23. HollyGL will invest, invest, invest in herself and others

24. Epimenides will invest, build a lovenest and live on the beach.

25. Amel will spend some, save some, send some for parents, travel some, and open her own business.


  1. I'd travel and save and give some as well... wouldn't it be cool if we actually did win a million dollars :)

  2. Amber: Yeah, it'd be COOL indeed. ;-D

  3. That is really cool Amel! Wouldn't it be nice! Take care my friend! My link is in your post, "Barrett will travel ALOT!" We haven't updated our list since we posted, we will update it this week and will add your link then! Thanks and good luck!

  4. THANKS, Barrett!!! I'll be checking your site soon! ;-D