Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Oh little time, so many things I wanna say, but let me just write this short post quickly. Sometimes the brain just wants to pour out EVERYTHING at once, whereas other times it refuses to give me ideas. LOL!!!

Anyway, yesterday my hubby went home during lunch break and as usual we hugged and kissed. Then I noticed a hickie on his neck, so I said, "Hey, I made a hickie!"

He started to look at his armpit with a confused look on his face. I began to look at the same spot myself, trying to look for whatever it was he was looking for.

He said, "What? Where?" while trying to pull his T-shirt on the armpit section to get a better look.

I began to get confused myself as I didn't get what he meant by that. So I repeated myself while pointing to the red mark on his neck.

Then he began nodding and said, "Oooohhhh...I thought you meant hiki!!!"

In Finnish, hiki means "sweat" and it's pronounced similarly to hickie. LOL!!!

OK, now I have to run to the supermarket to buy some food he he he...


  1. LOL LOL LOL oh this was a funny one! Languages are funny indeed, aren't they?
    You had your poor hubby looking for sweat lol!


  2. Max: LOL!!! Right after the incident, I told my hubby that I'd write it down in my blog HE HE HE HE...Yep, languages are funny indeed. We've had some shares of miscommunication, but that one incident was the funniest he he he...

  3. That is such a cute and funny story! So, what language do you and your husband use to talk to each other? English?

  4. Kathy: Yep, we talk to each other using English. His cousin advised us to use Finnish to communicate, but I find that TOO frustrating as I'm just a beginner. Maybe after I study more Finnish we can alternate the days he he he...

  5. Cool I learn a new Finnish word today :)

  6. Mother Hen: GOOD!!! And I'm looking forward to that Finnish pic your husband took he he he...

  7. Haha ..

    I guess Miscommunication is part and parcel of communication between people.

    Blessings & Thanks for visiting my humble blog!


  8. Waterlearner: Yes, miscommunication can be pretty funny sometimes. ;-D THX for dropping by! ;-D