Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Lady Luck

I had this weird connection with my Mom back in Indo when it comes to food. LOTS of times when I craved for something, yet I didn't tell her what I wanted, the next day she cooked the EXACT food that I had been craving for. Unbelievable!!! However, it's not "that" unbelievable as after all, she's my Mom, right?

Now after moving here for almost 5 months, I have to tell you that Lady Luck seems to have followed me here. I've had that kind of connection with my mother-in-law. Well, she doesn't realize it as I haven't told her about it, but there're already 4 instances when we "clicked" when it comes to food.

As you know, I'm on a tight grocery shopping budget, so I can't afford buying fish (sure we can buy fish once a month but only a small amount of it). Two months ago I was craving for fish twice and twice my mother-in-law satisfied my craving by cooking fish when we visited them.

Then two weeks ago I was craving for something soupy. We visited my in-laws again on Saturday as usual and ta daaaaaa...what did I found? REINDEER SOUP!!! YUMMY!!!

Then just last week after having lunch and sauna, we were lazing around on a daybed (hubby was watching F1 qualification). I was reading a book and thinking how wonderful it would be if I could cook sausage at home. Unfortunately, I had eaten our last sausage the day before and we couldn't possibly buy more at the supermarket as it was late already (around 7.30 pm). Then what happened a few minutes after I had that thought? My mother-in-law came into the room and asked if we would like some grilled sausages. Talk about "coincidences"!!! Of course I said YES right away HA HA HA HA HA...LOL!!! Boy, my belly was SO HAPPY then. *HUGE GRIN*

So, I sure do hope this luck continues he he he he he...^________________________^


  1. I am so glad you got the foods you were craving! But I have one question. I am in the USA, and I have never heard of Reindeer Soup. What is it?

  2. He he he...Hi, Kathy! Reindeer soup is soup made of reindeer meat and potatoes and carrots. The reindeer meat can be in the form of mince meat or sliced meat. It's REALLY delicious and creamy (it was cream soup so it was rather thick but I haven't asked for the recipe yet, so I don't know yet how to cook it).

    Reindeer is a popular meat here and you can also use it for your pizza topping. YUMMY!!!

    The other month I cooked reindeer meat (sliced meat) but it had to be left to simmer a LONG time on the stove (medium stove setting) as reindeer meat is basically "tougher" 'coz they say that reindeer has so little fat. I had to dowse them in a cup of beer as well to help tenderize it (still while it's being simmered on the stove). It's REALLY delicious!!! ;-D Oh, and another thing my hubby says...you shouldn't put too much spices when you cook reindeer meat (just a pinch of salt and pepper) 'coz then you'll ruin the original taste of the reindeer. :-))))

  3. Okay, that's really interesting. I guess it would be like us eating beef soup or chicken soup, meats that are common around here. Some people do eat venison (deer meat) but it's not a meat you buy in the grocery store. Usually people who hunt deer for sport are the ones who eat the venison. I'd love to know the recipe if you get it.

  4. OK, I'll let you know later on after I ask the recipe from my mother-in-law, OK? ;-D

    Over here they sell reindeer meat in the supermarkets everywhere. Yes, here only licensed hunters can hunt reindeer, but there're lots of reindeer here anyway, so there's plenty of reindeer meat at the supermarkets. ;-D