Friday, August 17, 2007

The Painted Veil (2006 movie)

Just finished watching The Painted Veil (click this link to see the preview). I think it's a beautiful story. A woman got married for all the wrong reasons, got into an affair with another man, yet in the end they reconciled. Most of the movie is set in China with beautiful mountainous backgrounds. It also reminds me of how devastating cholera was at one point in time. It also gives me some glimpses of the political situation and culture in China. (Hey, I may be of Chinese descendant, but I never set foot in China!)

There is one sentence from the movie that stood out like a beacon on a foggy, stormy day. It was when a nun said this:

"But when love and duty are one,
then GRACE is within you."

Funnily enough, after watching Premonition and The Painted Veil, I'm reminded of how precious life is. That our lives on earth is so short. That life is to be cherished every single moment. That we shouldn't take anything for granted, especially our loved ones as they may die sooner than you think.

I recommend this movie to anyone. ;-D But bear in mind that it's a bit long, around 2 hours so make sure you have plenty of time to watch it he he he...

Summary of the book by Somerset Maugham:

Shallow and lost Kitty marries the intellectual and passionate Walter Fane, bacteriologist, who is madly in love with her. Kitty has an affair with the "perfect" Charles Townsend, assistant colonial secretary of Hong Kong. When Walter finds out of their affair, he leaves Kitty with an ultimatum. Heartbroken, Kitty decides to accompany Walter to the cholera-infested mainland of China.


  1. I hadn't heard of this movie until the Oscars last year; it sounds intriguing and the cinematography looks amazing. Ed Norton is likely one of the greatest actors of our time... wonder why he's so often overlooked?

  2. Hi, Barb!

    YES, I LOVE the cinematography! One of the best I've seen IMO. And yes, I also LOVE Ed Norton's acting ability. Indeed it's too bad that he doesn't "shine" as brightly as he should. This world is sometimes weird he he he...

  3. I am very pleased to announce that I have added you to my blogroll. I know my readers will enjoy this site.

  4. Very profound words:
    '...But when love and duty are one,
    then GRACE is within you."..
    Thanks Amel for sharing this.
    Good luck.

  5. It's my pleasure, Surjit! THX for dropping by! ;-D

  6. I will have to check this one out. I remember when it was released over here - it kind of sank without a trace. I agree with you re: Ed Norton, he really is a superb actor.

  7. Hi, Fish!

    Yeah, do see the movie and then you can tell me how you like it. ;-D