Wednesday, August 15, 2007


When was the last time you went auto-pilot while thinking of something else? Usually it happens to me when I'm doing a routine that doesn't need too much focus of my brain.

When I was having a long-distance relationship with my hubby, we sent a lot of SMSes to each other. Naturally my fingers got so used to clicking and sending SMSes to him. Sometimes I was thinking of something else while sending the SMS to him and my fingers went auto-pilot. Then a few seconds later I asked myself, "Did I just delete the delivery report or not? Did he get my SMS, I wonder? Was it a delivery report or a failure delivery notice?" Yeah, crazy indeed.

There were a couple of times I was also in a hurry in typing SMSes to my close friends, so my mind was elsewhere but my fingers went auto-pilot. They clicked and clicked and ta-daa...not long afterwards I got a reply from my hubby, saying, "Honey, I think you've just sent me the wrong SMS 'coz I didn't understand a word." Of course he didn't as I wrote it in Indonesian!!! Then I'd slap my forehead and said to myself, "Doh! I did it again!!! My fingers went auto-pilot!!!"

Just last night when I was about to pee, my hubby asked me not to flush as he would go pee after me. However, while peeing I was thinking of picking blueberries with my mother-in-law, thus my hand went auto-pilot and it suddenly flushed the toilet. A second afterwards I shrieked a little and said to my hubby, "OOOPPSSS!!! SORRY! I forgot!" He just shook his head.

Has something like this every happened to you? ;-D


  1. Yes, there is one particular thing I do, and it is certainly not something I am proud all.

    If I am talking with someone I don't particularly like, I will go into "auto-pilot", and simply nod my head at times and randomly say "uh-huh" "yes"..etc.. and not really listen to them intently. I'll hear what they've said and remember bits and pieces, but I won't process what they're telling me as they are telling me, and there are many significant things I won't have picked up on. It's awful...just because I have some ill feelings toward them doesn't mean I shouldn't be an attentive listener. I hate it when I do that., and is something I am working on.

  2. Kate: Yeah, I understand what you mean. Sometimes when I go auto-pilot, I really have to focus and shake myself "awake". Everybody's got something to work on. It's good that you realize what you need to work on. ;-D