Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Video Clip Time!!!

Here's a video clip I took when I visited my English friend the other day. I have another video but I need my hubby's help to flip it vertically, so that has to wait.

The two kittens are Maia and Gaia and the dog is Fluffy. ;-D

Here are a few pics I took yesterday when I walked downtown. The first one I took near the river. SO serene, isn't it? ;-D

These two pics below I took while roaming around the cemetery. The first tombstone looked pretty creative, right? ;-D The second one...I should ask my hubby later on...they seemed to be victims of something (my Finnish isn't THAT good yet). ---> Update: Arttu said that they were war victims.

This one is the pic of the old wooden church here. They keep it intact here for tourists to see. This church is located in the cemetery area.

Found these mushrooms right next to the side of the old wooden church he he he...My English friend said that they used to give these mushrooms (which have hallucinogenic effect) to reindeer and then they'd drink those reindeer's pee in order to get high). YIKES!!! I shuddered when I heard this story from her, but not sure if they still do such a thing or not, though he he he...

And last but not least, last night just as I was going to bed, I saw this crescent in the sky. LOVELY!!! This is definitely one of the beautiful things I saw yesterday. ;-D


  1. WOW, that is absolutely beautiful. What a wonderful place, I can't wait to go on a travel trip and see the world!

  2. Yes, travelling would be SO nice, Shan!!! Hope you'd travel to LOADS of exotic places out there! ;-D

  3. Oooohhh, they are so cute! Although I prefered the dog lol!
    Nice pics, but my favourite one was the one of the Yawning moon: gorgeous!!!!


  4. Ha ha ha you're a dog person, eh, Max? Usually dog persons don't like cats, except when they're "bi" (they like both cats and dogs) HI HI HI...LOL!!!

    Yeah, I had to use a special feature in my digicam to shoot the picture of the crescent 'coz otherwise it wouldn't show properly. ;-D I'm SO HAPPY with my digicam. ;-D

  5. such a neat post.
    I'd like to see more of your country in pics too :-)

  6. Glad you enjoyed it, Awannabe!!!

    More pics of Indo? Hmmm...we'll see about that later he he...

  7. hehe great stuff amel, almost make my blog look unworthy, with all the interesting pictures you have, which is what i love most about it here :)

  8. Hi, Sefiant! THX for your compliment. Hey, I LOVE your blog. I've been visiting yours for a few days he he he...KEEP UP THE FAB WORK! ;-D