Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Coma and Amnesia

Have you ever thought of being in a coma? (yeah, a morbid thought coming from Amel's brain)

I once saw a movie (don't remember the title, unfortunately) where a woman was in a coma for more than ten years, I think. During that period, her best friend had become SO close to her daughter and husband. I didn't watch the movie from the beginning, so I didn't know how it first started. All I know is that when the woman wakes up from the coma, the hubby, daughter, and best friend are all SO happy. However, then she finds out that reality's changed a lot. Her hubby and best friends are in love and her daughter has considered her best friend as her mother figure. And she's also confused about the "far modern" world she's now in. How scary is that? I think it'd have been better for her to die.

If you're ever in a coma, would you want your loved ones to unhook you from the machines or not?

Well, I guess it all depends on how "bad" the injuries are. Miracles MAY happen in any case, though I wouldn't want to think of myself being supported by machines for too long. If I don't show any brain activities anymore, I would want to be unhooked from the machines.

Sometimes despite the advantages we may enjoy from it, I think modern technology also makes things more complicated, don't you think so? It gets harder for you to make some decisions as there're many more grey areas. What a dilemma!

Speaking of morbid about amnesia?

I've also watched a movie about a guy who had amnesia and then got married to another woman whereas he had actually had a wife. What would the law say about such a matter?

I wonder how the old wife must've felt when she found out that her husband was alive AND married to another woman. And that he'd forgotten most of things about their lives.

I admit I know nothing much about amnesia, yet after watching such a movie, I can't help wondering about the whole situation.

What would I do if I have amnesia? Would I ever remember anything at all in the end? Would I feel frustrated because I don't even know who I am?

Questions, questions, more questions he he he...I'm just rambling here again. ;-D


  1. Wow, that is such a hard question, about whether to keep the life support or not. I've never been able to come up with a definite answer for myself, so I've decided that if in that situation I would want the decision to be made by my husband and kids. They would be the ones left to know my condition and whether there is any chance left for a good life. I am not afraid of death, but they may not be ready to let go yet and I wouldn't want them to have to let go before they were ready.

  2. Kathy: GREAT answer on your part. You're right that maybe your loved ones aren't ready to let you go yet he he he...It IS a tough question indeed. Hopefully we'll never have to go through such a thing.

  3. Wow..that must've been an interesting movie! It must be awful to come out of a coma, and find out that your hubby and daughter are devoting their love to your best friend *nodding*! But what else could have they done? I mean, perhaps they leaned on each other fro comfort after she got into coma, and then feelings started to emerge...and the kid, she needed a mother figure (it's understandable)! However I cannot ignore that woman's's a tricky one, yep!

    I think I would leave it to God to decide: if He'd want me to go for good, His angels would wisper on my family's ears to unplug me; if not then the angels would instruct the family to stay put!

    I watched an episode of Miss Match where this happened: the husband had amnesia and had married with another woman. The first one thought he had died, but years later met him on the street...he didn't remember her (so he claimed), but she was sure he did, so she wanted child support...she hired a lawyer: the law said that he had to pay child support (cause the kid was his - DNA tests)! But he wasn't committing bigamy since he didn't remember who he was...

    lol no, you're not rambling: those are actually good questions. But unfortunately I can't answer to them *shrugging*.


  4. Max: Yeah, it was a pretty intense movie he he he...

    GOOD answer about the comatose situation he he he...

    You watched that kind of movie once?'s tough.