Tuesday, August 07, 2007

3BT: August 7, 2007

1. Fanning my topless hubby with a magazine while he was trying to take a nap on the couch (today's been especially HOT, around 27'C) and then hearing him say, "Now I know why in the harem there're some girls fanning the maharaja. It feels SO good." LOL!!!

2. Going to the cemetery and felt peace. It made me think of the lives of those people. Who were they? What had they done in their lifetimes?

3. Flowers in front of most of the tombstones. The cemetery seems to have been well taken care of.

4. Seeing a woman sitting down in front of a tombstone. Maybe she was praying. It's just nice to see that someone remembered their loved one who's gone away for good.

5. Hearing people's laughter from afar while I was standing underneath the hot sun.

6. Buying REAL steaks for the first time since I moved here. YEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! I'm drooling already! ;-D Oh, and I bought some chips too. *tee hee* Yeah, I'm bad!!! ;-D

7. Gathering up enough courage to go inside the old wooden church here. I'll post the pic tomorrow. I'm telling you that it ain't easy to go outside of your own "safety" box and do something daring he he he...


  1. No it isn't easy to step outside that "safety box" as you described it....but, oh when you look back in years to come....you will have such satisfaction that you did indeed have the courage to take that risk. Bravo to you....and those steaks and French Fries as we americans call them..LOL...sound yummy:)~jackie

  2. Hi, Jackie!!!

    THX for encouraging me. I'll try to go outside of that box every once in a while and test how far I can go he he he...

    Yeah, TASTY food indeed! ;-D

  3. Yes it's hard to move out of your comfort zone in a foreign country sometimes. I had a few of those moments when I first moved to New York despite speaking the language. Good for you!!

    Enjoy the steaks :-)

  4. Hi, Fish!!!

    THX for your encouragement. Yes, I have to practise getting out of the zone more, I guess he he he...

    Yep, I SHALL TRULY enjoy the steaks!!! ;-D WOOOHHOOO!!!!