Friday, August 03, 2007

Live As Though You Would Die Tomorrow

The other day I read a devotional online and I found something surprising. At least for me. It reminded us to live our days as though we would die tomorrow. The article said that if we truly think that way, we'd definitely forgive more easily.

Hmmm...that made me think...I know that we've all read something like this before in our lifetime, but do we REALLY ever think that tomorrow we'll be gone? If we REALLY think that we'll die tomorrow, will we forgive (other people and ourselves) more easily? Will we tell our loved ones how much they mean to us? Will we truly embrace the present? Will we shift our focus to the MOST important things in life instead of the urgent matters? Will we begin to appreciate the things we've taken for granted in a fresher perspective? Will it be easier for us to let go of our grudges if we only have today? Will we be able to count our blessings even better that way?

If we REALLY think we'll die tomorrow, I wonder what we'll do or think. Maybe some of you who've undergone near death experiences (or who have ever been diagnosed with a serious enough illness) can share their thoughts better than I can on this topic. To those people who're reading this post, you're welcome to share your experiences.

In this post I just want to say that balance is again the hardest lesson to learn in life. Balance between TRULY cherishing what we've got today (by thinking that we may cease to exist tomorrow) and planning for our future (saving and making viable plans to reach our goals and working on the plans step by step). Balance between TRULY embracing the present and remembering that the new generation will continue their life journeys, so we'd better leave a solid legacy for them.

I personally think life would be better if each of us remember how imminent death is as it'd change our perspective in life. May I remember this lesson and may God help me balance my life in every aspect.


  1. I agree with your words of wisdom,Amel's Realm:
    ..'Balance between TRULY cherishing what we've got today..... and planning for our future..
    But remember,we can plan and work honestly to 'achieve our goals'But our success lie in the hands of the Almighty...
    A joke: How to make God Laugh?
    Tell Him your plans...
    It is because He has His own plans for all of us.
    A good post.My best wishes.
    Thanks for nice comments on my post.

  2. THX for your two cents, Surjit. You're SO RIGHT...everything lies in God's hands in the end, but I just don't like the idea of being so caught up with that so that we idle away our lives (I've seen some people do that 'coz they have SUCH huge "faith" in God). I believe that we also have to do our parts with what God's bestowed upon us in this life. But yes, we do have to remember that He only bestowed everything upon us temporarily and He can take everything away in the blink of an eye.

    I'm smiling already when reading your joke he he he he...;-D THX for sharing it!!! Gladly God promises that He only has GOOD plans for us, not bad ones he he he...HALLELUJAH for that! ;-D

  3. Hi Amel, thanks for stopping by today. Love your post on trying to find balance. I agree with your sentiments wholeheartedly, and try to embrace each day. I like the idea of taking each day at a time and trying to do your best for that day. I read this idea in a piece on the Principles of Reiki which I keep meaning to look up, but have yet to get around tomorrow - best laid plans eh :-)

    Have a lovely weekend

  4. So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom. (Psalm 90:12)

    If I knew I would die tomorrow, I wouldn't make long term plans. I plan a little longer. However, as another comment reminds me, my plans are not my own, unless I want to make God laugh.

    What we resist, persists. If we resist God's love, our mistakes will persist. Oh, some make look good on the outside, real good. We may even adopt a few cute sayings as mottos. But it's the heart that matters. Wisdom comes from God and enters the heart. It doesn't originate with us. It is a gift we receive when we humbly submit to His will. Only then will our eyes be opened.

    Also read Philippians chapter 3 if you wish. It helps put things in proper perspective.

    Thanks for posting such a thoughtful message, Amel!

  5. THX for dropping by, Fish and Dwight!!!

    Fish: Reiki, eh? Interesting. Yeah, I know what you mean about procrastination. Sometimes I do that too he he he...

    Dwight: THX for your two cents. I'll read the verses later. Now I have to go to my in-laws he he he...and yes, I agree that wisdom comes from God. It's all about Him in us, not about us. :-D