Sunday, August 19, 2007

3BT: Weekend Wrap (August 18-19, 2007)

1. Going to the forest to go blueberry-picking even though it was cloudy. YIIIPPPPIIIEEEE!!!

2. Picking the wrong kinds of berries (mostly I did pick blueberries after my mother-in-law corrected me, yet I still managed to pick some crowberries and dogberries) and ended up laughing about it. (click on the links to see the pics: don't they look similar to blueberries?????? I'll post my own pics tomorrow)

3. Being SOAKED WET by the downpour together with my mother-in-law and hubby and laughing about it!!!

4. A MOST WONDERFUL nap after having SO MUCH FUN at the forest.

5. Soaping each other up in sauna. Always has been, always will be. I shall enjoy this forever. That's why I LOVE sauna!!! It also relaxes me SO much...mmmmm...

6. Enjoying my mother-in-law's DELICIOUS meals: fish, potatoes, and some meat (I think it was pork).

7. Taking home some of my mother-in-law's HEAVENLY blueberry pie and dessert (slices of strawberries plus blueberries plus cream). Boy, I feel SO VERY LUCKY!!! My stomach is grinning ear to ear now HE HE HE HE HE...

8. Getting SMSes from two close friends. One of them is on her third honeymoon in Barcelona and the other one's having trouble getting online. It's SO nice to keep in touch with old friends. THANKS to technology that allows us to keep in touch "cheaply"!!!

9. Reading my hubby's mind HE HE HE HE HE...and getting it right!!! YYYYYEEESSSS!!!!

10. Receiving a website link from my British friend living in this village about different kinds of berries and their pics (that's why I could give you the links above). She's SO thoughtful!!!


  1. hahaha, sounds like fun! I love the nature too!

  2. Yep, SO MUCH FUN, especially when it started pouring rain ha ha ha ha ha ha...LOL!!!

  3. Wow sounds yummy...can you please ship over the beries? When I lived in maine we would go and pick wild blueberries...yummmmthey're so sweet. I am glad that you are so happy...blessings my friend...I am happy too:))))~jackie

  4. Shinade: He he...maybe one day you can visit me here. You used to pick wild blueberries too? That's NICE!!! Yep, I'm happy indeed. Glad to hear you're happy too!!! ;-D

  5. You always seem so happy and upbeat. What a great way to be! If you have a chance, can you do a post one day about sauna? I read somewhere that it's something everyone in Finland has or does daily. I'm not familiar with it and would like to know more about it. This time of year just walking outside feels like a sauna to me.

  6. Hi, Kathy!!!

    Since moving to Finland, I've been determined to find happiness in everything I can find. I just don't want to let my surroundings let me down. It's like a challenge to myself. Hopefully I'll be able to be this way for the rest of my life he he he...

    When it comes to sauna...GREAT idea!!! I'll write it down later on then. THX for the request! ;-D